Safety Shoes Guide: You Must Need to Know

safety shoes for men

Whenever we talk about the safety shoes the only thing which comes in our mind is that “it’s a shoe with steel toe” but this is incomplete knowledge and can be very harmful if you belong from an industry which requires safety shoes. In this topic we will try to cover complete guide about safety shoes.

Government of India has already mandatory BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards) for manufacturing and retailing of safety footwear, Means all safety footwear should must have ISI mark from 31st Jan 2022. Government has given one year to sell out all in process inventory, so from new year onwards you will have to buy only good quality safety shoes with ISI mark only. Government did interfere Because many brands were selling very poor quality safety shoes which was ultimately a safety threat to employees or labors.

There are many buying choices when it comes to safety shoes for men. These shoes make jobs safer, comfortable, arch support, and good for safety purpose. You can easily find best safety boots with regards to hazard assessment by determining the kinds of threat and risk in job. Today‚Äôs work boots are flexible because of PU sole, stylish in looks, comfortable and provide necessary protection from injury. 

Below are the conditions in which safety shoes are mandatory to wear in any kind of industry.

  1. If weather conditions are extreme.
  2. In very High temperatures.
  3. If Wet conditions.
  4. Electrostatic build-up ( Electricity work).
  5. Slips surface, trips and falls.
  6. Cuts and punctures, nails work.
  7. Falling objects place.
  8. Acid, metal and chemical splash.
  9. Oil Industry.
  10. Steel Industry.

Now the question arises how to buy safety shoe for men as per above conditions, Let us discuss this in detail.

If  working in Oil and Acid Industry – If you are working in any environment where surface could have oil or acid then you must have safety shoes with oil and acid resistant sole. Before buying check the outsole you will see a line “oil and acid resistant”. It confirms that solar manufacturer has used the chemicals which will resist acid and oil to penetrate in the shoe. Apart from this steel to is mandatory and if apart is of leather then it will be a perfect safety shoes for you.

If Working in electric industry – Here you cannot take risk to buying any kind of safety shoe, In electric kind of works only a PVC toe cap shoes are worn. A big NO to steel toe cap. You must buy Anti-Static Electrical Shock Proof Safety Shoes.

If working in construction industry – If you are working at any place where there is a chances of falling objects like Iron, machine parts or Stones etc than the safety shoes which will work for you are with steel toe and most important thing is the steel toe Should have a capacity to absorb the pressure of 200 Jules. This is minimum standard which will ensure your whole foot will be safe.

Many brands are selling local made steel toe shoes which even cannot observe the pressure of 50 joules, So do you think that that shoe you will save you in case of any emergency ?

If working in wet conditions then only gumboots are worn as a safety footwear because they are made up of rubber which does not allow the water  to enter inside the footwear.

If you belong from any industry in which the safety shoes are mandatory but your task is related to office work only, In that case you may buy any kind of safety footwear which are comfortable to you.

Warning – You should not buy any safety footwear which has air mix sole and synthetic upper because they are useless in terms of safety. Prevention is always better than cure so always choose the right kind of safety shoe from reputed brands like Allen Cooper, SeeandWear and Karam.

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