Why these 3 safety measures should be taken while driving in Dubai.

seat belts

When you are driving on the roads of Dubai which are popular for being busy, it is difficult to keep yourself calm as a lot of thing can go wrong within a matter of seconds. As best save driver always pressure on the point that when you are on the road and driving the vehicle it becomes your responsibility to make sure that everyone around you is save and does not get injured by the vehicle that you are driving. Accidents happen on the roads but you have to take safety measures that can avoid it as much as possible. Here are 3 safety measures that everyone should take while driving in Dubai and why they are important for your and other’s safety by best save driver.


It is mandatory for everyone to wear seat belt in Dubai.  You must wear seat belt it does not matter that you are driving or not. It is for your safety because in the case of minor accident or jerk your seat belt will save you from crashing with the dash board of the car and you will not suffer from any kind of injury. In Dubai it is a rule that a passenger of front seat should be above 10 years and the children under 4 years old must be provided with the child safety seats. By following this rule you can avoid the maximum damage in the case of small accidents and jerks.


Overtaking and changing lanes are very common on the roads of Dubai but that does not make it any easier as Dubai’s road are very busy and you have to really very careful with every single move you make and it’s a lot to handle. The only thing that you can do is being really careful when you are changing the lanes or taking over. You should make sure that the rear and side mirror of the vehicle that you are driving is on the correct angle and give you the correct view of what is going on behind your vehicle. The last thing that you do is keep a watch out for fast vehicle and give them space. You must overtake and change the lane carefully as there is huge fine for reckless drivers and as well as for your own safety.


Well it is the most obvious thing you should keep your eyes on the road while driving but most of the people neglect even this basic rules which cause a lot of damage. When you are driving your sole focus should be on the road not anything else even if you are getting continuous calls from someone or getting messages either you ignore them or just wait and stop your car on the vacate place to receive them. There is not a single or message or anything else can be more important than your life and the life of other people around you who have their family at home waiting for them. 

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