How To Run Successful Business With Gojek Clone’s Advance Features?

Gojek clone

The Gojek clone app has made a lot of noise in the on demand market. With more and more entrepreneurs showing a very keen interest towards getting their own on demand multi service app. Tt has become clear that on demand mobile app development agencies. From all over the world are building and vying to sell their own versions of this app.

This is why; many entrepreneurs are finding it exceedingly confusing to pick the one app that suits their requirements. We always advise our clients that before you make the big leap. There are two major things that you must do:

  1. Think about your particular market: Just because an app is great does not mean it will work fabulously for your business requirements. Whatever you do, it has to be in sync with your market, its trends and consumer behavior.
  2. Test the app before you buy it: Since a Gojek clone app is typically available in a ready state. You should be able to test it before you invest in it. Testing in a live environment over both android and iOS will give you an insight on exactly what you are offering your users and service providers.

Once you are done sorting these two areas, it is time for you to begin your search.


This is a problem that many entrepreneurs face. We all hope to start out business with just about everything that t=is available but then our budgets restrict us. Please note that you will find hundreds if not thousands of Gojek clone app developers selling their own versions of this app in the market. Some will be worth it and others will just be a bunch of jumbled code that isn’t practical for a business.

You should avoid being tempted into purchasing a cheaper code matrix because that will only entail spending a lot more money in the future as you expand your business. You will either have to get rid of the existing app or hire a whole new team of developers to simply make it workable. This is where the testing part comes into picture.

Also, speak to the app development company regarding some of the features that according to you are non negotiable for the business to run effectively in your market.

We have compiled a list of some of the top features that are absolute must haves in your app. They are:

  1. Booking through Website for customers who do not have a smart phone or do not wish to download the app
  2. Admin panel that allows you as the app owner to manage and secure payments, commissions, restrictions and so on and so forth
  3. Live GPS Tracking
  4. Kiosk App for tourists or others who can book services or taxis right from a kiosk or a booth at various locations around the city
  5. Automatic Currency Exchange
  6. Geo Fencing for crime prone areas or areas from where you wish to avoid service requests
  7. Separate Landing Page for each service to make it easy for users to navigate through the app and find the right service provider
  8. Scalable so that it can handle large traffic as the app and its popularity grows through time


The Gojek Clone application is an immense and consistently developing application. This truly intends that there are such countless elements inside the application that work with its smooth activity. To guarantee that your business can be run effectively with the assistance of the application. We need to ensure that we know what precisely are the exact few things we need in our application.

A tiny amount research makes a huge difference in guaranteeing that you have an application that is totally outfitted to manage the prerequisites that your business has. It is vital to go through a little data with respect to the application that is accessible on the web.

One more significant thing to do is comprehend what the proposed necessities of the socioeconomics of your region where you wish to start your business with the help of this application.

  • What are the frameworks that individuals in your space need?
  • Is there a prior arrangement of comparative sort in your space?
  • If indeed, what are its advantages and disadvantages?
  • How might you better your application?

Ensure that anything you do, you convey every one of the benefits of this app to your service providers and users. They need to know what the value addition is that you are proposing to them so they decide on your application instead of your rivals is.


It is critical to note that there are many different Gojek Clone applications accessible on the planet. At the point when you start your chase after the right application. It means a lot to take a demo of the applications that you have short listed so you know precisely what you are investing towards. This also happens to be a great advantage that only a ready made clone application can offer.

Ensure that your application is developed by a white label on demand mobile application Development Company. Which has launched a couple of thousand apps on the app stores. Having at least 8 to 10 years of experience added to its repertoire will also help significantly in ensuring that their app is market ready. This will also allow you as a new app owner and entrepreneur to capitalize on their experience and skill.


In general, the main motivation why many service providers are floating towards the Gojek Clone is on the grounds that it makes selling their services significantly more advantageous than without it. This digital platform that acts as a market place gives them autonomy regarding setting the price among other advantages.

It is likewise worth focusing on that you should just depend on a Gojek Clone application. That is stacked with the list of features that we have shared above. The time to invest in this business is right. So, do your due diligence and get the best on demand Gojek clone app in the market NOW!