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Almost every Instagram user likes to share their created content on Instagram and love to tell people about their experience. But in this growing Instagram fever, brands are no further from creating and posting highly professional content on Instagram to build and engage with their customers.

However, branded content is not making any incredible impact for marketers, and it is proving to be a waste of money and effort.

But, sharing branded content may be adding pretty pictures on the brand’s Instagram account, but these are not compelling enough to build trust and authenticity of brand content with potential customers.

For this, brands find a powerful approach to add users-created content on their Instagram that is showing unbiased and genuine reviews shared by the real customer of brands.

Regram post is what all the big brands are now adopting to generate authentic content on their Instagram account.

But laws that are restricting the usage of social media content shared by other Instagram users is what questioning brands before regram the Instagram users’ post.

Get Familiar With The Terms Of Service Of Regram Users’ Post

To keep the exclusiveness of the Instagram content and protect the copyrights of the content creators, Instagram does not offer a share button on their platform. Instagram is not designed to regram the post of other people, like other social media channels offers.

In Instagram terms of service, it is clearly mentioned that using or reposting the content of other users without the permission of them is an infringement of copyrights.

That said, Instagram holds the individual responsible for sharing content and obtaining rights from the content owners to use on their Instagram. One must read the Terms of Service of Instagram to understand the rights of users’ content.

How Do You Publish The Other’s Content Without Any Trouble

There is no issue in publishing other Instagram users’ content, but you can do it only in one condition – get permission from the owner before publishing it on your account.

Sometimes giving only credits to the content owners is not enough; they might get offended if you publish their private content without their permission.

If the image has the content contribution of the owner as well as if another person is also depicted in the image, then it is important that you ask for the consent of all the people in the image and make sure all of them do not have an issue if you share their content on your account.

However, some people will be delighted to find that the brands share their content but regram it without the consent of the owner is considered an infringement of copyright.

Instagram Terns of Service clearly mentioned that using the content of others without their consent is a breach of their copyright even after you:

  • Give credits
  • Provide a disclaimer to not infringe the copyright
  • Fair usage
  • No profit
  • Rework on the content
  • Download the content
  • Find the same content on the Internet

Whatever your intent and method of utilizing the content of other people on Instagram, it is not considered the right practice to publish the other’s content. 

So how do you make use of the other’s created content that you find appropriate to publish on your account? To do so, you have to follow some rules to repost on Instagram, which makes regram process easy and legitimate.

What Is The Right Way Of Taking Permission

Do you find an image that is perfect for your brand’s promotion, and you want to regram it on your Instagram account? Wait, prior to posting it, first find the owner of the image and ask their permission to use it.

Searching for the right owner of the content is crucial because other people sharing the content doesn’t mean he or she is the content owner.

One of the right, easy, and simple to get permission is through a comment or direct message to the content creator.

To make sure for which post you are asking permission, it is important that your mention that particular post link in the message so it will easy and precise for the content owner to understand.

As you get the consent of the content owner and he or she agrees to republish their content on other’s accounts, you can regram it on your account without worrying about the troubles.

Sadly not everyone will check the comment or get your message if they do not follow your account. In such a case, if you do not get any response for a long time, you can then draft a mail and send it to the content owner.

Regram Is Easy With Content Rights

For brands and marketers, it is important to take care of users’ rights to keep their legal teams away from getting into accusations. It is crucial that marketers take steps that protect and manage the legal and moral rights of others created content.

For the most effective and legitimate regram practice of other content, marketers should follow the rules and guidelines prior to making use of other images.

Make sure to find the right owner of the content and obtain rights by asking permission using the most professional method.

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