Rubber Roofing Vs Asphalt Shingles Which 1 is Best?

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Is Asphalt roofing better than Rubber Roofing for Calgary?

Asphalt shingles are the industry standard, you would be hard pressed to find a neighborhood that did not have at least one Asphalt roof. And why not? Its relatively attractive, easy to install and here in Calgary we have an Asphalt shingle factory. So, what could possibly compete with this favorite?

One contender is Rubber Roofing! A relatively new addition to the roofing marketplace here in Calgary. We hear a lot of claims about this fantastic option, but is it really good enough to replace the tried-and-true Asphalt roofing system? Let’s talk about it!

Is Asphalt shingles better than Rubber roofing in Calgary weather?

Its no secret that Calgary has extreme weather; we can go from hailstorms to perfectly sunny days in a matter of minutes. This can be really taxing on our exteriors, especially our roofs. Wither its hard rain, hail, massive snowstorms, its important that the roof of our homes holds up against this abuse. Asphalt shingles are a great product, and it terms of handling rain and snow, they are excellent, provided they have been installed correctly and to manufacturer specs. These beauties will keep your home watertight, and damage free, its quite literally the bare minimum requirement of a decent roof. However, Asphalt shingles are very susceptible to physical damage, it is often in the manufacturer’s guidelines that once installed Shingles should not be walked on, or moved to preserve their longevity.

This unfortunately poses a problem when in comes to Hailstorms. As we know here in Calgary, we are exposed to massive hailstorms semi regularly, and unfortunately if your Asphalt roof was hit by hail, it will need to be replaced.  Shingles integrity becomes compromised upon impact, and even areas that seem to not have been hit can become weakened and caused catastrophic roof failure. 

This is where Rubber roofing can shine. Rubber roofing possesses all the great qualities of Asphalt shingles with one major advantage, it is hail RESISTANT. This means that rubber roofing can take much more physical damage without losing its integrity, and in most cases will not need to be replaced should a storm occur. In fact, euroshield roofing Calgary currently produces a product that they consider Hail Proof, which as per manufacturer means that it should stand up to hail storm, without showing any damage, provided it has been installed correctly.

Are Asphalt Shingles easier to install than Rubber roofing?

Roofing in Calgary is a largely unregulated service, what this means is that the city and indeed the province does not require any specific certification or membership to roof. This can make it harder for you the homeowner to be able to tell if a contractor is really qualified. Typically Asphalt shingles do not require as much skill to install, and in general is a lot easier to understand and work with. This can give you a false sense of safety when it comes to hiring a contractor, as some assume Asphalt shingles are idiot proof. This is simply not true! Any installation of any type of roofing requires a skillset, and understanding of the product installed, and while Asphalt may be more forgiving it is by no means an easy install. 

Having said that, there is some truth that Rubber roofing is harder to install, and requires a different skill set than Asphalt roofing. This is important to understand as someone who has been shingling Asphalt roofs for many years may not have the skills to install Rubber roofing, as those skill sets do not necessarily translate. It’s important that you find an installer with the experience specific to whatever material you wish to use. Roofing is not a simple, and idiot proof process, if you don’t know what you’re doing; you can seriously damage a home with relative ease. Remember your roof is not for show, it is vital to the health and safety of your home.

At Tymbridge, we have over 18 years’ worth of specific experience in several areas of roofing and exteriors. We have done multiple rubber roofs, and thousands of Asphalt shingles, it is why we confidently offer a lifetime warranty on all our labor. 

Is Asphalt roofing cheaper than Rubber roofing in Calgary?

Asphalt roofing dominates the roofing industry here in Calgary. it is without a doubt the most prevalent form of roofing here. Because of this and the numerous producers of the material, the individual upfront costs are often less expensive than Rubber roofing. There are several levels of Asphalt shingles currently available on the market, with the highest gradients being considered hail resistant, price point wise these 50 year shingles are the most expensive on the market for Asphalt, but are still cheaper than Rubber roofing. 

However even the highest gradient Asphalt shingles are less resistant and resilient than Rubber roofing. Rubber roofing is considered a lifetime product and being that there is a product available that is considered Hail proof, there is a good chance that once you’ve installed a rubber roof in Calgary then you will never need to change it again. The same can not be said for Asphalt, in general most asphalt shingles need to be changed every 25-30 years baring physical damage, bear in mind in most cases if your roof has been hit with hail it will need to be fully replaced or repaired.

This is simply not the case with Rubber roofing, which will never have to replace unless there has been some physical damage, but rubber roofing is extremely resilient and is very unlikely to become damaged. If installed currently Rubber roofing is 100% waterproof and will never leak. Rubber does not degrade over time in the same way asphalt does and will also remain relatively aesthetically pleasing long after Asphalt has begun to fade. Euroshield roofing Calgary provides 4 different profiles available at different price points to help make it easier to find a product at the right price point for you.

Your costs overtime will be significantly lower with the maintenance free Rubber roofing, than it will with your Asphalt shingles.

Is Asphalt Roofing more environmentally friendly than Rubber roofing?

Unequivocally no! Asphalt roofing is significantly less environmentally friendly than Rubber roofing. Rubber roofing in Calgary is made from recycled tires, in essence emptying landfills of this otherwise useless material. Also due to the lifetime nature of Rubber roofing, once installed it never has to be removed, and so never has to be disposed off, which can not be said of Asphalt shingles that unfortunately end up in landfills quite frequently.  Given that even perfectly installed Shingles only have a lifespan of about 25 years, less if they’ve been damaged, that is a lot of disposable material stacking up! 

So is Rubber roofing Calgary’s best choice?

There are a lot of pros for rubber roofing, and if your home is candidate for rubber roofing it is easily one of the best options available. However installation is important and not all Rubber roofing installers in Calgary are the same, it is important that your installer understands the product and has the experience needed to do so correctly and efficiently. 

Both Asphalt and Rubber roofing calgary are great options for most of Calgary weather, however when it comes to Hailstorms and other physically damaging weather, Rubber roofing has the edge on Asphalt. Asphalt Shingles may be less expensive upfront but due to the resilience and longevity of Rubber, you will end up saving money over the long term by choosing Euroshield roofing in Calgary. And because rubber roofing is made from recycled material and is often a lifetime product you can be confident you’ve made the most environmentally friendly choice for yourself.

At Tymbridge, we take pride in our extensive knowledge and skillset within the Roofing industry, we have over 18 years’ worth of experience in all types of roofing and can help make your vision a reality. Give us a call for your free quote today!

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