5 Signs That You Need a Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment is a great pain relieving treatment that is meant to save your original tooth instead of extracting after it catches an infection. When infection reaches your nerves under the tooth, it is often a subtle pain at first that begins to increase in intensity as the infection begins to get severe. Figuring out whether you need a root canal or not is like trying to know if you need a dental filling; you don’t know for sure in the early stages but as time passes by, it begins to become obvious. There are definite signs that an infected tooth will give you so you can make the arrangements. 

What are these signs and how can you read them to be sure about needing a root canal treatment? Here is a look at 5 signs that show you need a root canal treatment. 

Symptoms That Mean You Need a Root Canal

Pain, Persistent Pain

One of the most common and telling signs that you may need a root canal treatment, is persistent pain. It tells you in clear words that there is something wrong with the roots of your teeth. In this case, the infected pulp that is causing inflammation in the nerves is the matter of concern. If you have pain during eating, talking, drinking, or just about doing everything during a day, you need to visit a dentist to get your root canal treatment.

Chipped or Cracked Tooth

Chipping or cracking a tooth is common while eating hard foods or getting involved in contact sports. They also often happen when dental surgeries don’t go as planned. A crack or fissure in the tooth can become an entry point for the bacteria to attack the inside of your tooth. The infection caused by the underlying nerves getting exposed to bacteria can only be solved by a root canal.

Hot/Cold Sensitivity

Teeth aren’t nerves and they can’t be sensitive to hot or cold liquids. However, if you feel sensitivity, then that is a sign that your nerves have been exposed? Sensitivity is simply your nerves reacting to temperatures that it should not react to. Sharp, intense pain and the urge to avoid eating from one side of your mouth may all be pointing you to the obvious, that you need a root canal treatment.

Swollen Gums

Swollen gums are often considered a sign of trouble brewing underneath them. When the nerves are affected underneath a tooth, they are usually directly underneath the gums. Swelling, pain, and bumps on the gum are all matters of concern and need immediate attention from a dentist.

Discolouration of Tooth

Well, discolouration can be caused by a number of reasons but one of these reasons is often nerve damage under the tooth surface. When the roots die, the tooth stops getting the nutrition it requires to survive, thus it begins to lose its colour. When nerves and blood vessels get damaged and you begin to see a weird discolouration in your teeth, you will need to visit a dentist to get it checked and then get a root canal to seal the damage.

Root canal is a method of prevention of tooth loss as it saves your natural deal with tooth sensitivity successfully and fills it up to add more strength. Read these signs, observe them and when you think that things might be getting out of hand, consult a root canal dentist and get relief from any pain immediately with a root canal.

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