Rooibos tea also called red tea is less notable than its green, dark, and oolong options; however it has magnificent medical advantages and a delicate flavour that is sweet and fragrant. Rooibos tea contains cell reinforcements, enzymes, and chemical mixes that help skin look youthful, lessen the irritation that causes pain, and prevent other diseases.

Origin of Rooibos tea

It is an herbal tea made from the leaves of the Aspalathuslinearis plant of South Africa. The leaves are long needle-like, which are green when actually on the plant and turn red during the fermentation cycle. The plant is locally grown to South Africa and like other herbal teas gives a variety of medical advantages. This tea is available in loose leaves and also in tea bags. Well, don’t be confused over whether is a loose leaf tea is better than tea bags. Both have equivalent impacts on your health.


Rooibos tea has a sweet, nutty flavour. Additionally, it comes with the traces of caramel, vanilla and smoky essence. Blends in reddish-brown stunning look; this tea soothes your tongue with its deliciousness.

Also, it is caffeine-free, making it a good drink for any time in a day. With a high presence of nutrients and polyphenols, rooibos tea offers a flavourful taste. This tea can be prepared as hot or iced.

The advantages:

1. Helps weight loss

Drinking rooibos tea means feeling refreshed without gaining any extra weight. A cup of rooibos tea contains very less calories, so you can drink this superbly smoky refreshment without worrying about extra pounds. Also, it is caffeine-free, so it is a good tea for your day.

2. Improves skin

Rooibos tea contains an acid called alpha hydroxy acid, which is mainly used in skin treatments, for example, chemical peels of skin. Not present in every food, alpha-hydroxy in Rooibos tea can help you in skin health management and lessen wrinkles. It also contains anti-ageing properties. A cup or two of rooibos tea for every day can keep skin looking even and youthful.

3. Helps in pain

It has anti-inflammatory properties that help to decrease inflammation and sensations of aches and pain. The rooibos tea helps to ease stomach pain, stomach cramps and other aches.

By decreasing inflammation, rooibos tea can also help in treating the difficult side effects of joint pain. This tea is additionally high in vitamin C, which helps to fix connective tissue in the joints to relieve pain.

4. Hypersensitivities

The anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory compound present in this South African blend, a bioactive flavonoid which is known as chrysoeriol helps in allergies or hypersensitivities. Functioning as a bronchodilator, this tea can help ease the sensations of wheezing and coughing during asthma and rhinitis allergies.

One other flavonoid called Quercetin which also helps to prevent allergies in the first place. Quercetin impedes pole cells, which are responsible for delivering histamine, the primary component that triggers the reaction. So, those having such hypersensitivities can drink a cup of rooibos tea.

5. Helps Build Strong Bones

Rooibos tea contains essential minerals, like, calcium, manganese and fluoride. These minerals are essential for strong bones. While numerous teas contain these basic minerals that help ensure solid bones and prevent illnesses, for example, osteoporosis and joint inflammation, rooibos contains two different mixes that are considerably more advantageous to bone wellbeing.

6. Helps in digestion

Numerous people around the world battle with stomach related issues. The increasing rates of illnesses, for example, celiac infection, indigestion and upset stomach give a reason to drink healthy. While numerous stomach related issues can be credited to a poor diet with high processed foods, drinking rooibos tea benefit your gut to release toxins. Rooibos tea contains a few supplements that are antispasmodic, which help to stomach issues.

Rooibos tea also has advantageous impacts on the immune system. It’s stuffed with nutrients and minerals that help in wiping out microorganisms that cause stomach upset and loose bowels.

7. Control diabetes

Drinking rooibos tea may also help with holding diabetes under control. Even though rooibos tea won’t fix diabetes completely, it might help decline insulin resistance and improve symptoms. The results of studies are sure about it yet but those are having diabetes can try a cup of rooibos tea to see how it helps to improve symptoms.

8. Supports heart health

Rooibos tea is brilliant for heart wellbeing and helps in keeping blood flow regular. The nutrients and properties present in rooibos tea surely give your heart a healthy take-off.

Hope so these benefits of the rooibos tea help you to make your mind for giving a try to this South African blend.

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