Roof Trusses Used by Roofing Contractors Livonia for Residential

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A roof truss is a pre-assembled structure designed to support a roof on a building. Generally, there are two types of trusses, namely: flat and pitched trusses. They are also divided into more explicit roof trusses that can suit all forms of construction projects. Commonly triangular, they are made off-site and typically lifted into place before being installed. This article will open our minds to the types of roof trusses used by roofing contractors Livonia for residential.

Trusses are the triangular constructions found on buildings. Every building has trusses installed in different angles to fit the pitch, size, and design of a particular roofing system. Triangles are extremely productive shapes that permit limited control of load which is the reason they are utilized in construction. As they need to support the whole weight of a roof, they should be solid and stable, which a triangle most certainly is. 

Common Set of Roof Trusses Used by Roofers

A roof truss is made up of a few unique parts. The exterior frame called chords, and the interior triangle structures are referred to as webs. These two elements can be fabricated in various shapes and sizes depending on the type of roofing system they are used for. These are common sets of roof trusses used by roofing contractor Livonia Michigan.

King Post Truss 

King post trusses are utilized for limited capacities to focus. They are utilized in extensions, carports, yards, and storehouses. King post trusses can be found mostly on old buildings. 

Queen Post Truss 

A queen post truss is usually a vertical upright with two triangles on one or the other side. The queen post truss is now regarded as an old type of truss. This is because it has been replaced with the Fink truss. 

Fink Truss 

A fink truss is a special roof truss type with a ‘W’ shape between the chords. This truss is so versatile because it can be used for any kind of building project.

Double Pitch Profile Truss 

The double pitch profile truss is utilized to make distinctive roof pitches, frequently in business structures. However, a few residential buildings still make use of it. 

Mono Pitch Truss 

A mono-pitch truss has a single rafter and is a right-angle truss used to shape lean-to roofs or single-pitched roofs. 

Raised Tie Truss 

Raised tie trusses are used for vaulted ceilings. The lower chord is raised to make a flatter profile for higher ceilings with angled edges. 


A few roofers decide to make roof trusses while others decide to get them pre-made and conveyed to the site. Pre-made roof trusses can be produced in any shape or size to suit the design. So for more perplexing roof designs, like cantilevers, they’re a decent choice. They are a lot faster to introduce than to make without any preparation. However, it should be noted that there are various charges for the installation of trusses. So, it is advised you discuss with your roofer to know the truss cost for your home project.

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