Permits are sometimes required to repair a roof; it depends on the size of the area being repaired and the type of damage on the roof. Also, before starting roof upgrades, you need to be sure if you need a permit or not. Based on your local building codes, rules and regulations, a permit may be required to make a roof replacement. However, it is not advised to go quickly to a conclusion about whether a permit is needed or not. There could be consequences you might not be aware of its existence. 

Exceptional Cases When Permit Might Be Needed for Roof Upgrades

This article briefly highlighted some exceptional roof cases when a permit might be needed before starting the project. Remember, this depends on the local building codes of your community.

Is The Roof Having a Structural Damage?

Many events could result in roof structural damage. For example, your home roof can encounter structural damage from a severe storm, a load of snow piling up on it, a tree falls, a hurricane, etc. A permit may be needed before carrying out our repairs or upgrades for these cases. Structural damages are delicate issues, and they need good plans and expert building engineering inspection by the building department in your local. 

Is Your Roof In High Fire Risk Location

Properties located in high-risk fire areas are required to meet strict standards and building codes. Places like wildfire areas are connected with high winds when fire engulfs them. These kinds of homes require a special installation and fire rating. So if there is any need for repair or roof upgrades in locations like this, the building department would require a permit.

Damaged Shingles On Your Property

Your local building jurisdiction may require a permit depending on the size of the area being repaired. Some building jurisdictions ignore permit requirements if the size being repaired is below 200 sq. ft. or below 1/10 of the total sq. ft. of the whole roof. This requirement varies from location to location. For example, ordinary maintenance could be a minor leaky roof, missing shingles, or broken tiles.

Long-Term Leaky Roof, Damaged Rafters, Trusses, or Roof Sheeting

OSB roofing sheets or plywood are easily damaged if exposed to moisture from long-term leaks. Also, trusses and rafters may get damaged from this kind of leak. Framing members get weakened from wood rot and deterioration. During repair, some of the framing components may need replacements. A permit may be needed for this type of roof project, depending on how severe the damage is on the roof.


There are so many cases when getting a permit is necessary before roof upgrades. Hiring a local roofer for all your roofing projects is important because they know the laws of the building department in your locality. So they would be the sure bet to work with. However, do not leave your roofing project with a newbie. At least a bit of experience is needed by whoever you would hire as a local roofer for your roof upgrades.

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