Top 5 roller skates with lights in wheels in 2020

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Are you an adult or someone just starting to use wheels? Or, you may be back on the ice again after missing decades of games and great interest. Or, like me, you need to lose 25 pounds, but you hate running on a treadmill. Still unhealthy, or are you learning how to grow up with your child or grandmother?

If you are one of them, then you will need a pair of rooga, which is a good starting point for snow, but where do you start? There is a lot of information online, how do you choose?

I am writing this article to help you, the beginner (or the truce returning after a long truce), cut off the boat, find the important information needed to put on shoes and roll!

My task is to let more people play ice hockey. Hope this will also help you get started!

Therefore, if you are just starting out and need a pair of beginner shoes, you have come to the right place. If you want to buy the best shoes for children, be sure to sell my best children’s shoes and toddler shoes.

Also, if you are not familiar with ice sports and need help learning how to run for the first time, be sure to check out the “Roller Skater Podcast” and “Roller Start” series. It contains everything you taught yourself how to do the first time (if you have been away for a while, you need to learn again.

If you are confused about the shoes that suit you-square boxes, roller skates or aggressiveness on solid lines, the drawing shoe series is also a good starting point. If you are not familiar with straight traffic, the suggestion: The best starting shoes provide you with the most stable support shoes and wheels, designed to drive in each lane at a comfortable speed. What I’m looking for is.

Since it is just starting to use roller skates with lights in wheels, most people want to get the maximum stability, so I recommend the top four of the first pair of shoes. Quads will provide you with the greatest stability because it can easily spread your weight. If you have a good balance, start at the bottom of the square. The GT-50 train below when I first returned to the ice after 15 years of absence. It will not stabilize the ankle as on boots, but I already know that I will be able to control my booties, so this is not a problem.Here is List of 5 best ones.

GT50 Motion Outdoor Roller

The GT-50 Motion Outdoor Roller skates are an excellent entry skate, one of the best outdoor tires-especially with four-wheel drive and a limited budget. It has Rock GT-50 boots made by Sure-Grip Rock. Rock is a Sure-Grip screen series. Shoes are not really made of these stones, they are beautiful and valuable shoes.

GT-50 shoes are my first pair of shoes 15 years after leaving mesh shoes. Back in the 90s, I stupidly sold Riedell’s art screens in the garage before I got married (this is stupid because I think I sold these two thousand pairs of shoes for $100 for $1,000). For me and my children, in the snow, I need to use something because I don’t wear rental skates. Bataan.

However, these boots are very comfortable. In addition to the standard skating belt that can be used to fix the boots, the top is also equipped with a Velcro strap to make the boots fit. When I rebuilt it. I think this is one of the best outdoor sports shoes for adults on the market today.

Zetrablades Roller

Zetrablades, the best straight line sneaker I chose, has a wheel size of up to 80mm at high speeds, while still providing a lot of control. The hardness of 82A makes it very suitable for outdoor snow, because they will not fatigue quickly. Regardless of the type of obstacle and the speed of crossing, these obstacles are also suitable for indoor skating. One-piece boots provide comfort and safety, and the light weight of the boots can achieve stability and balance.

The Rollerblade Bladerunner

If the indoor ice speed is what you want, then Rollerblade Bladerunner can bring you comfort, stability and control. 78A’s rooga device allows you to perform well in a soft, soft environment, but you can still reach speeds of 80 mm. Kadhiga has strategically developed luxury accessories, and the skates also have a low-impact center to help you stay upright. Like the above options, this is a good option and can also be used in outdoor sports.

Jackson Roller 

Other beginner sneakers that cost less than $200 include the Jackson Roller VIP outdoor sports set. The skate set comes with black boots and sizes between 4 and 14-big feet like me when you belong to those people (I wear 13. No.) people can still wear those shoes

In addition, these boots are available in women’s sizes, so men, if you want these shoes, you need to increase to size 1. Therefore, if you wear a size 10 lad, you need a size 11 in this skatkan.

These boots are Jackson Vantage boots-hard to find these days, I know many people, even though they have or like these boots.

These shoes for beginners are equipped with my favorite outdoor wheel-Atom Pulse. Atom makes excellent skateboard wheels-indoor, outdoor and high heel boots. Moreover, Atom Pulse is an excellent outdoor wheel.

Atom Pulse comes with 78A hardener (hardness tester), which means that they are very soft on the outside and come in a variety of cool colors, as I mentioned in the first package, such as blue, red, green, gray and red When it is snowing, you need a short, wide and smooth wheel for the first start because this provides maximum stability.


The last two stars in the bottom four-corner shirt I want to recommend to beginners are the VNLA Junior skating kit. Honestly, I saved the last best. Although the GT-50 and Jackson skates are great, I personally really like that the VNLA (vanilla packaging) skate bag is an ideal choice, especially for those who want to start with low heels and want a little bit of leather.

The VNLA Junior skates are the first pair of gloves worn by my two kids when they learn how to operate the skates. These skates have different cool colors and have the same cool name as Code Blue. ), code red (red), invisible (black), Zona Rosa (pink), mint, tuxedo and royal (burgundy and gold).

These shoes are in sizes from 3 to 12, so unfortunately, I have never worn this special skate before-it doesn’t fit my big feet, but I wear almost all other types of VNLA. Skating there, and many shoes are the same (except Vanilla 360-a nightmare.

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