The role of Pandemic in Greasing the Wheel of Technology

effects of pandemic outbreak

The advent of technological inventions amid the COVID-19 crisis established the operational framework of many businesses globally. The adoption of leading technologies and essential aspects have cloud seeding businesses in the relevant market. The article highlights the challenges and how technology contributed to keeping the growth pace much rapid.

Effects of Pandemic Outbreak

The COVID-19 outbreak which on one hand resulted in a plethora of crisis, at the same time, it has paved the roads for endless golden opportunities for tech businesses. Under the lockdown situations, where people were confined to their homes, the digital era got a unique window of chance to grow tremendously. The new wave of technological inventions streamlined the workflow infrastructure of major businesses and helped them grow to an extensive level.

The pandemic crisis gave wings to the leading technologies, their awareness, and use-cases to businesses worldwide. Whether it is to give a frictionless ecommerce platform to customers or ensure online security, the pandemic has greased the wheel of all possible advancements taking place in the field of science and technology. In this article, we will be looking at the ways businesses have revamped their working framework amid the COVID-19 crisis.

CRM and ERP solutions have turned out to be quite helpful for businesses under lockdown situations. All workflow management in a unified place proved to be a blessing in disguise for the business entities. Other than the CRM and ERP solutions, AI-powered technologies have also gained ground amid the COVID-19 outbreak. These technologies have helped businesses identify the revenue streams beforehand through intelligent data prediction. Based on the customer data and conversion rates, the estimated revenue could be increased through dynamic strategies. In this way, real-time reporting and analytics through AI pattern recognition technology help businesses grow exponentially in the market.

Customer Experience – The Main Challenge

Due to the increase in digital activities amid the pandemic, the customer expectations are reaching sky high. Businesses java shifted their business groundwork to the4 digital space for convenient sales and revenue streams. However, the competition was rigorous. The businesses that proved to be vigilant enough in pre-planning and adopting innovative technologies stepped up and the ones with less technical expertise remained behind. Nevertheless, among all, the biggest challenge was to cope up with the aspect of customer experience. An optimized user journey contributes to increased brand reputation and therefore should be meeting the customer requirements effectively.

What benefits does customer experience give?

An enhanced customer experience ensures

  • Increased customer retention
  • Reduces churn rate
  • Reduces cart abandonment rate
  • Increases leads and sales
  • Increases brand reputation
  • Increases business revenue
  • Streamlines business growth ways

COVID-19 and Technology Adoption

The era where technologies help a high speed. The high potential technologies penetrated into the business operation for the purpose of better communication, business growth, revenue generation, and customer retention.

There are various technologies and tools that helped businesses achieve success and growth. Customer Relationship Management or CRM is the sophisticated term used to take into consideration the aspects of customer experience. It incorporates all features and functionalities that help smooth the customer lifecycle throughout and also helps organizations with efficient data management. Businesses took help from the top CRM consultants and tools such as Zoho CRM to provide an optimized experience to customers. Moreover, the other key challenge was the management of enterprise dynamics in ‘work from home’ operations. Under these circumstances, the businesses adopted innovative Enterprise Relationship Planning or ERP tools that helped them in managing all the workflow at a unified interface.

A single CRM for all-sized enterprise helped them automate all the marketing and sales practices and services. It is affordable and incorporates a range of features that help streamline the practices in a highly efficient manner. From sales and finance management to leads management, customer support to real-time data analytics, sales management to HR management, all elements are taken care of in one place. Moreover, these help business entities in attaining the cloud-based services that are leading today. Such initiatives open the doors of success for businesses. Zoho and Sugar CRM are considered top CRM services providers and their consultants can help businesses identify their needs and present the highly customizable solutions that align well accordingly. Tailored services for customers help the, achieve the goal in an efficient manner.

To get a competitive edge in the market, businesses vigilantly adopted high-end technologies that could serve the purpose of enhanced customer experience when it comes to providing customer services online. The surveys amid the COVID-19 outbreak show that the pandemic resulted in increased transactions and digital activities by the users. The businesses that adopted such technologies at the appropriate time got a competitive edge in the market. It would not be wrong if we say the COVID-19 pandemic a course of growth actions.

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