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When applying for an Australian visa, many people are confused about whether they take assistance from migration agents. However, the Australian Government suggests people take help from registered migration agents to process their Australian visa applications.

The Australian visa application process can be much more complex and stressful for the person fulfilling their visa application required by themselves. One single mistake can lead the application to unexpected results. To avoid these circumstances, people take assistance from registered migration agents in Melbourne if they are in Australia throughout the process.

Remember, only migration agents are allowed to give advice and assistance if registered with OMARA (the Office of the Migration Agents Registration Authority), a part of the Department of Home Affairs. Only qualified agents are authorized by the Australian Government to provide immigration-related services.

Basic Work of Registered Migration Agents

Some of the basic work registered migration agents do day-to-day is as follows.

  • Provide information on immigration law, rules and conditions
  • Reply to phone and written queries
  • Read, check and decide one’s applications for residency or entry to Australia
  • Assist in understanding the dos and don’ts of the Australian visa application process
  • Enforces immigration laws
  • Applicant’s interviews
  • Investigates breaches of immigration law
  • Explain decisions taken by the immigration department to the person
  • Issues permits and visas
  • Guidance on immigration policies and operations

The immigration agents provide advice and guidance to potential migrants, lodge and prepare visa applications and work as intermediaries to represent clients legally during and before reviewing visa processing.


While processing an Australian visa application, keep in mind that given below are some of the roles played by migration agents.

Constant Changes in Immigration Rules

The Australian Immigration Department constantly makes changes and updates new rules and conditions whose immigration agents are fully aware of and assists their clients according to the guidelines in fulfilling the applications.

Complex Visa Applications

As we know, the Australian visa application system is rigorous; one single mistake by a person may end up with some unexpected results. Many people have claimed that visa applications can be more complex than they appear. To avoid such circumstances, people usually contact migration agents.

Dealing With Immigration Department is Challenging 

The increasing number of visa applications day by day makes the immigration department less accessible; the department prefers to deal online with clients to reduce the traffic at the offices. In that situation, the migration agent may be able to handle the cases easily, and they are more likely to be accessible compared to a layman.

Assist to Explore Various Available Options

The immigration agents will assist in choosing the best available options for further processing of the person’s visa application, as they know the immigration department inside out and try to provide various available options and suggest the most suitable one according to their client’s choice.

High Chances of Success

The migration agents do not guarantee a positive response from the immigration department. They increase the chances of approval as they stay updated regarding new changes and rules of immigration law made by the Australian Government.


Some of the benefits highlighted below for taking assistance from registered migration agents while applying for an Australian visa are as follows.

  • Explain various visa options according to the person’s profile
  • Recommend the best visa option
  • Assist or prepare all required documents for visa applications
  • Contact the Department of Home Affairs to discuss the case
  • Prepare and submit visa applications on the person’s behalf
  • Represents or prepares before the review tribunal in relation to a visa matter

The registered migration agents know the immigration law inside out and prepare or submit the person’s visa applications with better chances of success. The agent’s work makes it more accessible and faster to assess the department for visa application.


While processing Australian visa applications, the Government of Australia suggest people in taking guidance from registered migration agents. Migration agents will make the process hassle-free for their clients and stay transparent throughout the immigration process to provide their clients with genuine results. One such education and immigration service providers are Asia Pacific Group; their experts have been working since 2009 and have assisted thousands of people in achieving their dreams. Get in touch with them for more information.

By Anurag Rathod

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