Ribbon Bouquet Ideas

Ribbon Bouquet Ideas

If you are looking for a special way to present your wedding or another type of bouquet, ribbon bouquets are a perfect choice. A beautiful ribbon rose is a thoughtful gift that will make any occasion more memorable. Ribbon roses come in many different colors and styles to suit every taste. You can even include ribbons with messages on them! To learn how to make ribbon roses yourself, read on.

One time-honored tradition is to create a ribbon bouquet for the bride at her bridal shower. Traditionally, the maid of honor would gather all the ribbons from gifts at the bridal shower to use them in a special ribbon bouquet used at a rehearsal dinner. A ribbon bouquet is a great way to get used to holding your actual bouquet before the big day.

The typical wedding bouquet is a fun tradition for the bride and her entourage. Many styles can be personalized to reflect your preferences. To make the more challenging decisions, you’ll need to do some research before you go shopping. Some of these include finding out why people have started carrying ribbon bouquets in recent years. The bride may choose to keep this ribbon bouquet as a souvenir of her bridal shower, understanding that it is not recommended for use on her wedding day. The time set aside before, during, and after the marriage ceremony is a time to honor the bride’s relationship with friends and family.

Silk Flower Bouquet using Ribbon

One of the craft ideas with ribbons is to make silk flower bouquet and for this wrap your flower stems with a thin rubber band to make sure the flowers stay together. Cut the bottom of your stems to the desired length with scissors. Add a plastic wrap to cover the stem area. The top of the silk flower should be about 1-1/2″ from the stem’s bottom when placing it on your wrapped ribbon branch. This is optional, but it improves the look—secure ribbon to stems. Pin one edge of the ribbon to the bottom of the flowers, and continue looping ribbons around each other in a spiral pattern carefully until you’ve encircled all your flowers completely from bottom to top. When you get to the end of the plastic wrap, seal it with a pin so that you can use a ribbon at both ends. Use a craft blade to cut the ribbon. Fold one edge over 1/4″ and then pin it into place. Finish with a large, handheld bouquet or complete the look by adding a bow. Try first tying a 24-inch ribbon around the upper edge, and then tie another piece of ribbon along the same spot to make a bow using an over-under technique. To finish the ribbon, use a fabric sealant like Fray Check to eliminate edges that would fray.

Rehearsal Ribbon Bouquet

Save all of the pretty ribbons and bows from your gifts for use in a bridal bouquet instead of throwing them away. A rainbow of colors can be used just as successfully, or ribbon bridesmaid bouquets can be created using a variety of different-colored ribbons to entwine around a few flowers.

To make a rehearsal bouquet, follow these simple instructions:

Keep all the ribbons from wedding gift packages.

When choosing ribbons, consider sorting colors and textures into different piles.

Start arranging the table with a large bow or ribbon in the center, or arrange ribbons of similar colors or shapes into an interesting pattern.

First, glue the arrangement onto a paper plate.

After the plate has dried, glue a small cardboard handle to the back. You can also loop your fingers through one of the holes and pick up the plate between the thumb and index finger for carrying by hand.

Reception Ribbon Bouquet

Ribbons are an underutilized piece of the wedding world, but they can serve a dual purpose for both your bouquet and reception décor. Using a clamp, display the bouquets on the head table.

Ribbon bouquets are a great way to fill a table with colors and textures at your reception. Centerpieces at guest tables can be made out of ribbon roses, or shredded ribbon roses will add an extraordinary look to the table. Here’s how you make one:

Before cutting the ribbon, measure it lengthwise and cut 4 to 5 inches from each end.

Fold the ribbon so that its ends meet.

First, place the ribbon horizontally along the tearing edge.

Lay down another layer of ribbon perpendicular to the first with about 1/2 apart.

Use floral tape (masking or electrical) to attach the ends of your ribbons under the “bloom.”

Start with a wireframe of any size, wrap your silk or ribbon leaves around the tape.

Arrange in vase filled with other items.


A ribbon bouquet is a beautiful way to incorporate your personality and style into the wedding day. If you are looking for some inspiration, we have come up with different ideas for you! Maybe it’s time to rethink this old-fashioned tradition of throwing flowers at each other (or maybe not!) Either way, there are plenty of ways to add more color and creativity to the reception area.

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