Marking products are very common these days. It started with food and pharmaceutical items. Gradually all the companies are using the laser coding system as a part of the procedure. All most all industries are using this technology to mark their products.

It holds information like expiration dates, batch numbers,s, and other data. It helps manufacturers to keep track of products and identify particular ones if they have raised an issue. No matter what quality management system they are following, coding should be an integral part of it.

Before the emergence of laser printers, manufacturers used to rely on another possible way to create marks on the products. But now they are using this advanced technique to do the permanent marking at an affordable cost. 

 The traditional way for coding : 

 Though the scenario has changed with the invention of the laser printer. let’s see what were the traditional method to do coding in the products. The best  ways were-

Thermal transfer procedure – By using heat ribbon has to attach to the products. information like expiry dates, manufacturing dates, batch numbers all were mentioned on the other side of the ribbon.

Embossing system – With these systems, a stamp was pressed on the product. it holds a unique code for each product.

Usage of an inkjet printer- Inkjet printers were very popular among manufacturers to create marks on the products. Logos, barcodes were mentioned on the product. Often they need to set the nozzle and refill the ink. so the procedure was time-consuming and costly too.

Print and apply – A label was created by using a thermal transfer producer that applied to all products. Normally the information like manufacturing dates and barcodes were mentioned on the label.

 How laser printer  Has evolved? 

 Laser technology works on advanced technology. The laser coding stem wipes out the graphics and converts the moisture ink into vapor. the reason behind its popularity is that it creates permanent marks and the procedure is cost-effective. 

Putting the product into the converter belt is very important to have a smooth marking system. it needs CO2, fiber, and other materials for smooth marking on different types of materials. It boosts productivity and lowers the cost. 

Laser printers are widely used for marking on PET bottles, polystyrene, and other materials. 

 Still not convinced? Here we are giving few more reasons to adopt a laser printer as a part of your marking process. they are –

 A portable – laser printer is extremely user-friendly. the best part is it can be delivered to any part of the world. contact online sellers to know whether they would be able to deliver it to your locations.  Ask about shipping charges and other extra costs.

 Durable –

 Mark created by laser printer is permanent and durable. it will not wipe out easily.

 Environment friendly – laser ink is completely safe for the environment too. It does not hamper the natural eco-balance.

 On a budget – the best reason to adopt such printers is that they are budget-friendly.  Manufacture is willing to invest in it as it increases productivity without hampering the budget.

Can work independently- laser printer hardly needs human interaction. It can work independently once the product is arranged on the conveyor belt. so it does not require constant human monitoring to get the work done. It saves manpower and boosts productivity.

Wrapping up 

Laser marking is quite common in most industries. in the early days, they use to rely on the traditional method, it was a sloe cost way to create marks on the product. the laser printer is extremely user-friendly and easy on the pocket too.

Check local store or online seller, talk to the expert and discuss your requirement. they will not only help you to choose the right product but also assist with installation and after-sale service. 

Do you part of market research and have an idea about the types of laser printers and pricing. choose the well-known companies for better results.

By Darbaar

Anurag Rathod, as a blogger he used to spread all about app-based business, startup solution, on-demand business tips and ideas and so on.

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