Design Your Fashion Taste by Restyling Jewelry

restyling jewelry

Do you sometimes feel if your jewelry looked differently, you would appreciate them more? If you didn’t know, you can repurpose jewelry and turn it into your style. But you will need an experienced artisan to do that, or a certified jeweler, if you are working with precious gems. That’s a gleam of hope for you right there, and soon you can start slamming with restyling jewelry.


When it comes to accessorizing with earrings, what is your style? Do you prefer going for a minimalist where you just wear diamond or gold studs? It is a neat and elegant, easy way to wear your earrings. However, you can interchange the gems and add color.

 It can also be boring to stick to one style while many trends are roaming around. If it is the dangling idea that you don’t like, you can use double-sided or twisted earrings that run all over the ears.

But if you are a fun and vibrant person who follows the runaways’ trends, there’s a lot you can do with your earrings—adding a pearl on a diamond strand, extending the length, reducing the stones, or adding more. You can get spoiled for choices.

Gold or silver ring?

When these two metals combine, they make a bold mixture. Unfortunately, not everyone feels the same vibe. Some prefer to have one of these without the other. You may sometimes find a two-tone black band and gold or silver on a ring. If you don’t like the idea of two-toned colors, you can restyling jewelry and leave only one, or you change it to your preference.


Do you have some old pearls that you don’t wear? These can be because they don’t meet up with your style, not in that way anyway. But have you seen how trendy are the twisted pearl bracelets? Restyle your pearls and put them to meaningful use. Your jeweler can even use them to make stud earrings, add them on a hair clip or top, etc. The ideas he can come up with are endless. You can also draw some inspiration from P Interest or other websites. Get them out of their hiding place and repurpose them.  


Accessorize your attire with various necklace designs. Here you can play around with multiple styles, as necklaces are versatile. What’s your style when you start accessorizing with this jewelry? Do you like them on your collarbone? If so, then reducing the strap of a necklace to form a choker would be ideal. As most prefer the medium length of 18″, and you have an heirloom that is 24″ long, you can get your piece of jewelry to your artisan, and he will restyling jewelry to an ideal size and even make a bonus bracelet for you.

Layered necklaces

Another transformation you can do with your single chain is to have them layered on top of each other. It represents a fun and exciting look. Incorporate different sizes and materials to look more fab. Be careful as this layering might tangle the pieces when storing them. Better storage can protect the necklace from tangling. Use a separate bag for each part of jewelry with their clasp out. You can also use a jewelry tree to hang each chain on a single hook.

In Conclusion, the choice of jewelry you wear should come down to your taste. Many of you have various jewels they don’t use because they don’t match your style. But when you restyling jewelry, you can have it in any of your preferred design.

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