Refuel Your Empty Stomach in Darbaar Restaurants

Darbaar Restaurants

For an Indian who lives in London, Indian cuisine is like a gift a child yearns for. Nonetheless locating a restaurant in London serving you authentic Indian cuisine is nothing short of a herculean task in itself.

A restaurant that stands out though amongst other restaurants in London in the field of serving authentic Indian cuisine is Darbaar restaurants. 

Here’s a brief intro about the restaurant. 

Darbaar Restaurants

The restaurant is located in the heart of London close to Shoreditch. Its expertise lies in offering a shared dining experience inspired by the banquets of the Indian Royal Court. 

Talking about the architecture and design of the restaurant, it has a 220 cover restaurant and bar, an interactive grill, a private dining room and a chef’s table, to name a few.

Now that you know about Darbaar restaurants, let us know a little about the birth of Darbaar in detail along with the food you will get there. 

Birth of Darbaar Restaurants

The idea of Darbaar was conceived by world famous chef Abdul Yaseem. His aim behind the restaurant conception was to give the people in London a flavour and tinge of authentic Indian cuisine. 

So in short every meal you eat there has the spices imported from Indian markets thereby giving the cuisine the language to speak for itself. 

Here are some cuisines that you can enjoy in Darbaar restaurants. 

Cuisines worth Trying in Darbaar Restaurants

For lunch, food connoisseurs can choose between A La Carte and quick lunch. This basically includes the following, traditional chicken tikka with garden greens, spiced carrot cake with cardamom shrikhand, potato and fenugreek stir fry, etc. to name a few.

For dinner, food connoisseurs can enjoy meals like tandoor gobi achari, butter chicken, Kashmiri lamb roganjosh, etc. to name a few. 

So, in short, Darbaar restaurants promise a celebration of exquisite Indian spices and some of the oldest Indian meals that were once a part of the cuisine of Indian royalty and now are a part of the cuisine of Indians as well. 

Along with the meals that food connoisseurs can enjoy in Darbaar restaurants, you also can choose from some authentic Indian desserts to soothe your sweet tooth. 

Here are some desserts –

  1. Halwa carrot cake cardamom shrikhand
  2. Shahi Kulfi and pistachio crumble 
  3. Kesri faluda
  4. 2 Scoops of ice-cream (vanilla, cinnamon, chocolate)

Along with the cuisine given above, you can also host private events in the Darbaar restaurants. 

Here’s a little info about the private events. 

Private Event Hosting in Darbaar Restaurants

The Darbaar Restaurants embodies a beautiful as well as flexible space where food connoisseurs can hose events like a cocktail party or private dining, to name a few where they can accommodate close to 32 people in total. Space can also accommodate close to 220 people in its vicinity. 

Food connoisseurs can choose from menus like Dawat, Darbaar, Maharaja, etc. to name a few for the private events that they host and enjoy the meals thereafter with their loved ones. 

So, next time you are looking for a restaurant in London that serves authentic Indian cuisine, you know Darbaar restaurants is there to satiate your Indian food craving. 

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