How We Resolved Our LOCKSMITH Problems in One Day


You might have heard that miracles don’t happen. But! what I am about to tell you might change your perception as well. Since I am a mother three we have rented a home a bit away from the city noise. My husband has to travel a lot for his work where I have a job in the city and I take care of kids most of the time. I have never imagined that the locksmith services could turn out to be a lifeguard for our family. We have a systematic locking system at home. We have one front door entrance that connects all the rooms and lobby. There’s a back door as well which we use rarely and my husband has the key to it.

So, it was a Monday morning when I had to drop off the youngest daughter at the daycare center and eldest daughter to her school. She’s ten by the way. My son was feeling a bit sick so I had to leave him at home with the babysitter. I was in a hurry and never knew that I would have come back and hire an affordable locksmith. There was still time for the baby sitter to come and I was getting late for work and kids for school. I decided to leave anyway.

The baby sitter works at a local restaurant in the evening. I reached my office and got busy at work. It was before lunch when I was having coffee when I got a pager from the baby sitter. I called her right away. She just dropped a panic bomb on me when she told me that she can’t get into the home because my son can’t open the door. The door is probably jammed she explained further. I asked my colleagues if they could cover me for some time.

I rushed to the home because I was the only one with the key. My husband was away as usual. I thought the lock might have got stuck and we’ll be able to open it with the key easily. When I reached there I saw the baby sitter has a couple of people around her and trying to open the lock. They broke a key inside the lock. The situation got worsen when my child started crying. He was sick and hungry and needed medicine. I was about to break the expensive patio glass to enter the home when the baby sitter screamed don’t do it. She asked me if we could call a local locksmith for the job. 

I told her that I don’t know if there’s a locksmith nearby. She said that she knows how to find a reliable locksmith online. I asked her to do it and in the meantime, I went to calm my son down. She opened up the local business directories and filters a few results for our location. Then she looked at their ratings and called the one had mostly positive reviews. He reached us within ten minutes. We never knew that we had a locksmith living nearby. 

He took out his toolbox and opened up the whole lock system. Then he removed the broken key and did some maintenance work. It took him hardly twenty minutes to fix the door. I ran to my son as the door opened and hugged him. When we both calmed down I made him his favorite omelet and the medicine afterward. By that time the locksmith finished his work. He nicely asked to rate him well if we liked his work. I thanked him and the baby sitter as well. Finally, the day was over, and later on, I took my son with me to pick up the girls.

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