6 Most Common Types Of Locks For Residential Properties

residential properties

Are you planning to upgrade the locks on your home? A professional Edmond OK locksmith will help you to select the ideal locks for your property. Advancement in technology has availed a variety of locks on the market to make your home safe and secure. It is important to understand the various types of residential locks to make your selection process easier. Below are some of the most popular locks for homeowners. 

residential properties

Basic doorknob locks 

These are the most basic locks on the market. This lock is placed on the doorknob or handle. Keep in mind that some doorknob locks require turning from inside by turning or pressing a doorknob button. The door is usually locked from outside after turning the key. Other doorknob locks are unlocked using a key inside and outside. A basic doorknob doesn’t offer the best home security since burglars can easily pick it to gain entry. 

Deadbolt Locks

Unlike basic doorknob locks, deadbolt locks offer medium security since they can’t be picked. Deadbolts include a bolt for locking the door to the frame. This inhibits anyone from prying your door open. Deadbolt locks with a single-cylinder are opened from inside and outside using a key. However, double cylinder deadbolts are a wonderful solution to enhancing overall home security. Keep in mind that these locks might keep you trapped inside during an emergency when you fail to locate the key. 

Mortise lockset

Similar to cylindrical lever locks, mortises are used in commercial and residential settings including hybrids. You can have a locksmith service in Edmond OK to install the mortise lockset. Perhaps you have an older house with already installed lockset. You can just call a locksmith to maintain the locks without installing new locks. These kinds of locks come with various benefits for having intricate hardware mounted in the door. 

Mortise locksets are a good choice for being exceptionally strong especially Grade 1 type. These locks are the most reliable making them ideal for apartment complexes. Installing mortise locksets on your property is a sign that you take home security very important. The locksmith can install this type of lock to enhance security in your home. 

Electronic locks 

These locks don’t need using keys to lock and unlock. Electronic locks might have a keypad or card system. opening or locking this lock requires using a special password. Electronic locks lock a door automatically and used in schools, hotels, and offices. You can also use electronic locks that require a combination system. This allows using a regular key when you forget the password. Electronic locks are powered by batteries and with a remote that allows controlling your door without physically touching it. 

Smart locks

Advanced technology has led to the introduction of smart locks on the market. You can access these locks using a smartphone for remote access regardless of your location. Smart locks might come with video and audio monitoring to give you ultimate control of your home. These locks might come with a regular key for use when near the lock without using the door app on your smart device. 

Smart locks are managed through Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and Z-Wave. Bluetooth smart locks are the most common with a connection to a smartphone. This eliminates the need to have a hub in the middle. These locks come with features including auto-locking on detecting your Bluetooth device when in a range. Wi-Fi connected smart locks allow seamless control of your door regardless of location as long as you have an internet connection. Z-Wave locks require having a hub to connect to your internet-enabled device. These locks are a blend of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi smart locks. 

Euro cylinder locks

These door locks are not used as the primary locks on your exterior doors. However, euro cylinder locks are appropriate for securing patio doors or locks for interior double doors. Keep in mind that these locks are not ideal for exterior doors because they are easily prone to damage and wear after extended periods. Additionally, these locks don’t offer appropriate security since their bodies can easily be snapped by burglars to compromise your home security. 

You should opt for euro cylindrical locks when security is not your top priority. Construction of these locks isn’t more secure but it is easier to use and install. These locks are self-contained for an easier installation process compared to other locks. On the flip side, being easy to install euro cylindrical locks doesn’t make them the most secure option for your home. 

The take-home

Home security is an important consideration for all homeowners. Understanding the various types of home locks is very important. The right locksmith will guide you on the appropriate type of locks for your home. This will meet your budget and security requirements to keep your family and assets safe and secure. 

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