Render: What It Is And How It Should Be Cleaned, And Why!

Render Cleaning

These days, in modern homes rendering or cement rendering is a forgotten art. It may very well be that homeowners prefer a different look for that of cement render for their homes. But at the end of the day it is still not a forgotten art. Homeowners from many countries still prefer to cement render their walls outside the home and sometimes even the insides. But at the same time it is still very commonly used in large office buildings, industrial buildings as well as warehouses due to its various benefits as well as the aesthetic appeal it offers. Render cleaning is something that should not be overlooked as it will keep up the appearance of the outside of the building as well as keeping it look as good as new.

What is Render?

Render or even cement render as it is often interchangeably called is usually a mix made of cement that is coated on the outer walls of homes and other buildings and sometimes it may be used as a coating for the walls inside of the home as well. Rendering is typically the process of mixing cement with other ingredients and covering the walls with it. The walls that are to be rendered are usually cleaned off of any impurities before the process begins. Additionally they may also be sanded in order to increase its adhesiveness.

Render Cleaning

Traditional Methods – The traditionals methods of rendering usually use cement, sand and lime in order to create the rendering mix, which is then applied using a brush in the same way one paints the walls. This mix usually contains more sand than cement or lime, as in 1 part of each cement and lime with 6 parts of sand. The sand should be clean, and typically the sand used in the base layer is of finer quality compared to the top where usually a finer sand is used.

Why Lime – The addition of lime is to improve the workability of the mix while also reducing the possibility of cracks on the render when dry. Once the mix is ready it is usually applied in just the same way that paint is applied to walls. Furthermore,  masonry trowels, brushes or even sponges may be used on the walls in order to give it patterns or even just to texture the walls. These are typically left for 28 days in order to dry.

When the render needs to be reapplied, the walls are usually hosed off as well as the old render or paint if added on top is removed and scrapped off before the re-applying of cement render. Furthermore there are now Render Cleaning Services available that will either pressure wash or soft wash the render and get it look brand new.

Currently, some may add polymer additives to this traditional mix in order to increase its workability as well as resistance to water and adhesive qualities.

Acrylic Render- These are usually premixed  renders that are growing in popularity as it can be used in a much more different variety of surfaces as compared to the traditional render. Additionally they are much more resistant to water as well as have superior strength as well as a smoother surface as compared to the traditional cement renders.

Popularity Over Cement Render – Other reasons for its increased preference is also the quicker drying time, as it does not take the whole 28 days that the cement render takes and may just be done in about 2 days. Furthermore, there is a wide variety available, such as designer coats that are usually just applied on top of the original acrylic render as well as the availability of different patterns and textures. For instance sandstone, marble lime wash, sand finishing as well as special coatings with further water resisting properties and even antifungal properties. With this type of Render Cleaning, usually soft washing is more preferable.

Pros and cons

The traditional cement render is definitely much more environmentally friendly, as all its ingredients are in some way found in nature, and will therefore be easily recycled, unlike acrylic render with which there is no saying how it will affect the environment in the long term. Additionally the application of cement render is an absolutely safe process while the acrylic render as it dries releases pollutants into the environment that are risky for the health of humans as well as other creatures and organisms. Additionally the making of these Acrylic renders itself may prove to be unsustainable.

Render Cleaning

In order to ensure that the facades of the building, especially office or other businesses are looking their best year after year, as well as to keep the render lasting for a long time one can always get Render Cleaning Services. With these Render Cleaning companies, one does not have to go through the hassle of cleaning the outer walls of especially multi-stored homes or even tall buildings.

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