Remove Password From PDF File

Remove Password From PDF File

Portable document files (PDF) a widespread documents to share information on large-scale platforms but they can also cause you headaches if you forget the password of your PDF and do not remove password from PDF file. if PDFs are secured with the shield of the protection, it won’t allow users to edit or open them without bypassing them.

Fortunately, we have gathered several methods for you to unlock PDF so making it easier to access the content. So let’s explore it.

Is It Possible to Remove Password From PDF File?

Yes, it is not a big deal anymore if you remember the password of your PDF file to unlock PDF for editing so it can’t cause any problem opening your PDF file. For removing the password of your document you can simply use Adobe Reader and then go to the security settings to remove the password protection.

Keep in mind that removing passwords without the owner’s permission is illegal so don’t jump for any fraudulent practices and use the method in this guide as a PDF password unlocker.

Best Methods to Remove Password From PDF File

Use Microsoft Word to Unlock PDF Free

This time, we’ll use Word to convert the PDF to Word so you may create a fresh PDF and add comments whenever you’d like.

Convert your PDF to the world with using these steps:-

  • Open the file in World, File>Open
  • Wait some time until the World converts documents by itself.
  • Then edit functions will be enabled automatically once it converts which was disabled before in the PDF.

Use Google Drive to Unlock PDF Files Free

Use Google Drive to extract data from a picture using with OCR feature. The procedures to convert a PDF file to a Word document are as follows.

  • “Open Google Drive” with a gmail account.
  • Click and “drag the PDF file” in the file browser or click on New > then Upload a file to navigate to the file you want to upload.
  • Once the file has been uploaded successfully, it will be available in your documents.
  • Click on the PDF file that you uploaded recently Open with>Google Docs.
  • Google Drive converts documents automatically.

Online Third-Party Apps

Use online software to remove restrictions from the PDF but remember that it may pose a security threat to the PDF files so use it if such things don’t impact you.

Features will be Provided

  • Option to remove password and edit PDF.
  • Preview the changes.
  • Change page order.
  • Convert PDF into black and white.

PDF Table Extraction Tools

If you want to extract table data from your PDF this tool will be really helpful because PDF converters like online software sometimes fail to do it accurately, fortunately, table extraction can be of great help there are some of the table extraction tools are Tabula, PdfTables, Docparser, Camelot, and Excalibur.

Use PDF Password Unlocker

Try out this SysTools Incredible PDF Unlocker Tool because it has positive reviews and is marked as a trustworthy product because of its great features you can remove PDF restrictions like Printing, Copying, Editing Page Extraction many more. It supports the Unlocking of PDF files from Owner Level and Master Password Security. Provides batch processing for multiple files to Unlock PDF Files.

Step 1. Install the tool first and open it then select, the “Add Files or Add Folder” button.

Step 2. Choose options between “Save or Print” of your converted PDF.

Step 3. Select the saving destination and click on the “Unlock” button.

Step 4. Successfully remove passwords from the PDF without hassle.


You can use several effective methods to remove password from PDF file without facing any trouble. Whether you choose Adobe method, Google Chrome, or a PDF password remover tool, depends on your work criteria and your data integrity if you have bulk files then you should try PDF software that provides you the feature to select multiple files at one go. So if you ever find yourself stuck with a locked PDF, use any one of the methods to regain access to the needed data.