Spine surgery: A remedy for spine issues

Spine surgery: A remedy for spine issues


One type of medical technique used to treat issues with the spine is spine surgery. It is a crucial medical operation that can help patients escape a terrible condition and lead a healthy life by providing solutions to problems that arise for a variety of reasons.

A crucial component of our physical makeup is the spinal cord, sometimes known as the spine. From head to toe, it is made up of numerous organs and filaments that support and help keep us organised. Our physical and mental health are thus directly impacted by any issues that may occur in it.

Processes for Spine Surgery

The initial stage in the spine surgery procedure is to meet with a renowned neurosurgeon or neurologist.Before having spine surgery, a patient usually has to consult with the best  Neurologist in Kolkata.

After listening to the patient’s symptoms, the neurologist recommends different tests based on the need. To help the neurologist accurately assess the illness condition, these tests could include radiography, MRIs, X-rays, and other diagnostic procedures.

Following the accurate diagnosis, the patient will have a discussion with the neurologist regarding available treatments.The neurologist explains the nature of the problem and its causes to you. He claims that he provides you with consultation. 

First, in cases when the conditions are dangerous, emergency care can be provided to assist solve the issue right away. In the event that it is established that surgery is required, the neurologist will thoroughly explain to the patient the likelihood of each surgical option as well as its advantages and disadvantages.

Types of Operations

  • Discectomy
  • Laminectomy
  •  fusion
  • arthroplasty

These are among the various spine surgery options that may be suggested for various conditions. In order to ensure a speedy recovery and prevent the condition from returning, the patient requires both appropriate treatment and self-care following surgery. You can get best spine surgery procedure at Jaslok Hospital Mumbai.

The highest level of competence and talent is found in spine surgery, which can help patients’ medical issues. This responsible operation is designed to guarantee that the patient’s fibrous tissue and bones are in good shape, allowing for a speedy recovery and both physical and mental well-being.

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