Relief From Chronic Hip Pain Through Total Hip Replacement Surgery In Mumbai.

The hip joint is the strongest & durable joint of the human anatomy. It withstands the body weight and supports the skeleton to hold the wear & tear of the body activities. It is the most flexible joint that is the spheroidal joint likewise referred to as the ball & socket joint. Here the ball is the femur head & the socket compromised by the acetabulum inside the pelvis. They together form the ball & socket joint.

The ball and socket joint are enclosed with the smooth tissue known as articular cartilage. It acts as cushions and stimulates gentle movement. The hip joint is encircled by the synovial member that lubricates the articular cartilage & allows free hip movement without any friction. However, this joint provides freely adjustable movement according to the activities that the body is actively involved with. Such as running, walking, jumping, dancing, etc.

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Regardless of the flexibility of the hip joint, it is bound to pressure as it holds the body weight. It is more likely because of the extra pressure exerted by the body on the hip joint. It may lead to arthritis. However, the best hip replacement surgeon in Mumbai can relieve your chronic hip pain through surgical procedures.


The most widespread factor of acute or chronic hip pain is arthritis.

  • Arthritis
    • Osteoarthritis
    • Traumatic arthritis
    • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Hip fracture
  • Benign in or malignant bone tumour
  • Fraction during movement
  • Bursitis
    • Trochanteric bursa
    • Iliopsoas bursa
  • Avascular necrosis
  • Hip pointer

The Three Categories Of Hip Arthroplasty Are As Follows:


It is also referred to as total hip replacement surgery. In this surgical procedure, the aim is to replace the damaged articular cartilage & the bone with prosthetic implants or components. These prosthetic implants that are placed in the hip area allow free movement without any pain. Hence, total hip replacement surgery in Mumbai is your best choice.

  • In this procedure, the deteriorated or damaged former femoral head & acetabulum of the bone is removed.
  • It is supplanted with an implant of a metal stem (body) so that it can be placed in the centre of the femur bone that has a hollow space. It forms the socket to accommodate the metallic ball.
  • This femoral metal stem is press-fitted.
  • Later on, a metallic ball is inserted on the outer surface of the metallic stem. This forms the ball to be fitted.
  • However, this metallic ball replaces the injured femoral head.
  • The joint is fixed with screws for proper movement.
  • So that the metallic or implanted ball & socket joint to be intact.
  • A metallic or ceramic spacer is set between the new implanted ball and the socket joint to enable a smooth gliding surface.
  • Thus, joint replacement surgery allows free & comfortable movement of your hip.


It is also referred to as Hemi-Arthroplasty. This procedure consists of displacing only the damaged one side of the hip joint in the pelvic bone region. Most of the older patients undergo Hemi-Arthroplasty that suffers from damaged or fractured hip bone. This surgical procedure relieves the pain & discomfort caused to the patients.


In this hip resurfacing surgical procedure, your biological femoral head can be conserved. Therefore, this treatment is in your best interest. It is mostly advised for the active and younger patient for quick recovery.

There Are Two Types of Hip Arthroplasty Surgical Techniques:

  • The Posterior Approach
  • The Anterior Approach

Generally, the hip arthroplasty surgical procedure takes place for 1 to 2 hours. Under general anaesthesia, your surgeon begins the surgery with an incision either in the posterior surface or on the anterior surface of the hip. This will lead to the removal of the damaged articular cartilage and bone. However, will be replaced by the new metallic implants to restore the hip joint. This surgical procedure will allow the free function & alignment of your hip. However, the hip replacement surgery cost in Mumbai is generally divided into two percentages:

  • Initially, the hospital stays, operating room charges, surgeon charges, pharmacy, use of consumable appliances, etc
  • Secondly, includes the type of implants used in the treatment whether metallic, plastic, or ceramic depending on that the cost is decided.

However, all the costs can be covered by the respective insurance company.

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