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You selling refurbished and used IT equipment let’s  look at a typical situation for the refurbished reseller you’re acquiring a  wide range of IT products from a xfurbish of sources as well these products come in you know used refurbished maybe  once a while you’re buying new from distribution you know and good  micro tech data or something similar but the big issue here is inventory and  inventory is like the bane of your existence because the items that you’re  getting are not new and they’re not  complete you know they need to be tested.

You have to create a process to inventory these items make decisions on do we upgrade it do we sell it as is do we wholesale it do we retail it  ecommerce and user wholesale the process  is complex since items need to be tested  repaired reconfig and clean the boxed and if you’ve gotten smarter just put in an asset management program where you bring in customer its’s  and you pick them up and you provide some services on them and you resell  them and provide some of the revenue share reporting back to your client  regardless of how you’re getting your inventory remarketing is also a big key and your salespeople need information about the pipeline of products coming up  through receiving use going to technical  for configuration maybe reconfiguration testing cleaning boxing until they get a refurbished status you also might be  doing a lot of e-commerce remarketing.

You’ve got a whole another set of issues there about how to get orders  back into your system so that inventory  can be properly allocated and the sales  revenue from those things can be in your  accounting system typically if you’re  selling IBM HP or Calton Dell there’s a  huge opportunity that exists with substitute numbers and if you don’t know  how to handle substitute numbers or you don’t have the right type of system  you’re missing the opportunity so whether they’re HP spare part numbers  IBM through numbers Oracle X options and  seven digit part numbers you need to be  able to cross-reference these part  numbers know what you can  and what you can ship on any given  moment and you need to compensate your  people based on what they are doing for  you so what are they creating in terms  of profit for the company and money can  be made more on the buy than the sale so  you need to be able to track both of  those elements and keep score on this  before and after screen it gives a  typical example of a reseller where you  know your substitute number tracking is  hurting you but you really.

How to solve it IT reseller can help you solve that if your sales people are  frustrated wasting time determining  what’s available there’s nothing better  than a happy sales people because they  have clear visibility of the sub-item  economies this increases sales margins  commissions and satisfaction for the  sales people and it’s not just sub item  coins it’s knowing what you’ve got by  condition including you know missing  parts damage and that sort of thing  there’s also costly surprises if you’re  a salesperson and you sell something and  you think it’s complete you’ve wasted  time going back or calling the warehouse  to know if it’s complete or not sure  enough you sell it you go to ship it and  yeah I guess what  it really wasn’t tested there are  elements that are broken someone robbed  the memory out of it and and now you’ve  got to do costly and scrambling to get  memory in overnight or on a career from  another company in town and those surprises are frustrating they can cost.

You reputation when you should late  and they cost you a lot of money even if  your customers willing to put up with  the late shipments inventory is your  number one asset as a refurbished reseller or maybe number two you know  comes receivable and inventory are going  to trade back and forth not having a  good system to track you’re number one  or number two asset is really kind of a  questionable activity you know by having  a good inventory system it allows all  these other pieces to flow into place  I’m not going to go through every one of  these processes before and after but you  can pause the screen and go through them  see if any of them resonate to you and  if they do then just keep rolling all  along in the video  I’m gonna go over some best practices  for the refurbished and used IT reseller  things that you might want to be looking  for in running your operations really  important one is individualized  inventory for tracking higher value  items in detail and to have an audit  trail who did what when to those items  who removed parts built it up broke it  down to be able to break it down and  remove parts and move the value on those  parts that are removed you know if you  pulled the processor out of a server  you know move $300 from the from the  $1,200 server to the processor so that  you get the proper accounting on the  Commission report and that the machine  gets depreciated you know substitutes to  see the full range of items that you  could supply there’s all these  substitute part numbers that equal each  other or if you’re selling notebooks to  have an end of inventory attribute  templates that let you just record  quickly the attributes are not hand.

Typing them into memo fields or  descriptions and then the benefit of  having these in field searchable fields  is then you can do queries pull up all  of the products that meet a certain  attribute request from a customer and  you’ll know across all part numbers you  know what you’ve got to sell put those  right on an order another good best  practice is is do what you can to  shorten the receipt to cash cycle  wholesale integrations with broker bin  power source online you know help you  speed the flow of product out in the  wholesale market and also if you’re now  adays you cannot ignore the power of  e-commerce so if you can integrate your  system was some sort of ecommerce engine  to not only get your inventory in the  e-commerce with the least amount of  effort but to bring the orders in and  when the orders get brought in you can  then properly allocate and reserve your  inventory those orders so that your  inventory is correct and but more  importantly the accounting is correct  too because the sales amounts for those  e-commerce orders are in your system.

You want to be able to integrate your system  with common carriers that you use and  automate the blind shipments and take  away the the pressure that’s on the  warehouse people at the end of the day  to get orders out the door correctly you  know look for a system that when you  when you enter that sales order  or when the sales order gets created  automatically from an integration that  puts in the proper shipping parameters  by parameters I mean FedEx priority one  line shipment it’s going to ship from  your customer’s name to your customers  customer you know you you know you want  to avoid embarrassments and mistakes by  the warehouse put in a position where  they’re in a hurry and blind shipment my  detail gets forgotten and then you’re  apologizing helping to soothe bruised  relationships with your customers if you  are doing you know the asset management  you need to have asset management and  consignment process reports that give  you the information that you need and  you can really only get bad information  if you’ve got number one and  individualized inventory for tracking  the items and you can’t get this  individualized inventory from you know  NetSuite Microsoft products sage or  about 150 other accounting / inventory  systems so it’s really a hard thing to  find and then to save you tons of time  at the end of the month  look for an automated net profit margin  commission tracking reporting that even  includes splits between the buyers and  the sellers for fairness and you know to  simplify your on boarding to that  application ensure the accounting system  meets your needs or integrates with your  current system you know such as  QuickBooks or or sage 50 over in the UK  there’s a a success story from one of  our many on key reseller customers over  the last 12 years ate verities company OEM systems is a high-volume parts  reseller and since moving on Nike  reseller he’s been able to do 25 percent  more transactions per employee with the  elimination of serious redundancy and  mistakes I go along with that along with  that though our max list technology  which you really can’t get anywhere else  in the world is essential to his  business model and allows him to to sell  more inventory turnover quicker by  selling.

The direct substitutes to the  items in his inventory it’s  absolutely a necessary item if you’re  selling parts and components out of  machines by now you might thinking yeah  this is this looks pretty interesting  here  you know who is iq reseller you know or  a proven company with over 12 years of  working with refurbished and used IT  resellers we have a trusted relationship  of those resellers on the ninety seven  percent retention rate we sign  non-disclosure with every customer every  customer gets their own database or an  effective system with over 1600 users in  eight countries with our new IQ smart  cloud platform each user can enable  their preferred language for the entire  application that’s not just the  organization level but at the user level  so users within the same organization  and each have their screens on in  different languages IQ resellers  efficient it’ll increase your margins  and transactions and it’ll grow your  business without costly extra staff the  extra problems that go along with extra staff we understand your business  a hundred percent of our customers our  IT resellers and we can bring expertise  to your operation in just about any  question you might come up so take a  look at our implementation link for  details we can train using a whole  variety of methods.

If you choose the  QuickBooks integration we use the new  QuickBooks web service for a real-time  integration and the beautiful thing is  is you know you can like IQ reseller on  a Tuesday and you can go live on a  Wednesday your salespeople can enter a  purchase order when that product gets  received it’s gonna send the bill over  to QuickBooks and when you sell that  item it’s going to send an invoice over  to QuickBooks your accounting folks can  continue to work in QuickBooks to make  payments and receive payments shortens  the learning curve tremendously all the  financials are still in their QuickBooks  and the learning curve for salespeople  purchasing in the warehouse is really  just a few hours in thank you reseller  so you’ve got a really easy way to on  board for those of you that have  outgrown QuickBooks or for other reasons  don’t like QuickBooks we’ve got the IQ  reseller  accounting method which is a high-level  ERP type accounting that has much more  of an audit trail than QuickBooks so you  know who did what when and there’s  protections in there from going back and  changing data without an audit trail and  if you you know are in any country of  the world and you want to get all the  advantages of IQ reseller.

You can use  the no accounting option which includes  transaction reports for your purchase  and sale activity an IQ reseller to  enter daily weekly or monthly totals in  your preferred accounting solution and  cost of good totals in sales totals and  then you can receive those payments  inside your accounting solution and just  mark them and IQ reseller when the  payment is received very simply really  minimizes duplicate entry and allows you to get all the benefits of IQ reseller  no matter what country the world you’re  in you thinking yeah this looks this  looks good I should I should get some  more information looked at we’ll take  action now go to the packages link on  our website and you’ll see that IQ  reseller is reasonably priced based on  the part of the globe that your business  is registered in so if your local  economy is is a little weaker the cost  for you is be a little cheaper and  just for example in the US your price range is be 54 to 99 dollars  per month per user  but the ROI is gonna be immediate or  call us chat with us request a live demo  we can fill you in on more details one  to one and we also have the ability for  free trials you know you’ve gone through  and you’ve looked at a lot of  information and you’re serious about  really making a difference in your  business then we’ll turn on a free trial  for you so experience the IQ smart cloud  it’s a fast secure 100% solid state hard  drive.

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