How To Reduce Electricity Bills While Using Windows or Split AC In Kolkata?

reduce electricity bills

In this Covid-19 pandemic situation, we all are facing is to pay the high electricity bills. It happens due to using the high power consuming air conditioners at home. Every home appliance has its standard guidelines that should be maintained by all the users like you. But, we rarely follow those. 

As a result, you end up paying a high amount on electricity bills. Here are some handy tips listed below to lower the bill for an air conditioner. 

Moreover, people often get confused about which type of air conditioner to purchase, window type of split AC. It all depends on your house requirements. Each of these air conditioners has its own pros and cons. 

You can learn more in this article.  

Tips to reduce electricity bill

Set a timer

Setting the timer, while using the AC is one of the best ways to reduce your electricity bill. In this way, you can skip running your air conditioner the whole night. It is the correct way to keep the AC in Proper Way for a long time. You need to set the timer around 1-2 hours; it will be perfect. Meanwhile, if you are using Daikin AC and it not working anymore, you can connect Kolkata’s best Daikin AC repair service centre

Getting the higher the star rating help to save electricity bill

Most of the branded AC comes with a rating that is ranging from 1-5. It would help if you remembered; higher rating AC always consumes low electricity than conventional air conditioners. Inverter Air Conditioner is designed with such procedure that allows you to save 30-35% electricity. So when you decide to purchase the AC, you need to go with Inverter AC

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Keep the temperature at 24°C 

Try to keep the temperature of the AC at 24°C; it is perfect for optimal loading on the compressor, maintenance the temperature, and also reducing energy consumption.

Choosing the right place 

Before purchasing the AC, you should keep in mind to install it in the right place. This factor helps you to reduce power consumption. You have to buy an air conditioner as per the room size; it is vital in the machine’s performance. For example, a 150 sq. ft. room requires a 1.50 capacity AC if the room is not hit by the sun directly. 

Reduce standby consumption

To save electricity, you should use the standby mode of the AC for some time. You should not turn off the main switch of the machine directly; you have to use the standby power. It allows you to consume less electricity. 

Wash air filters regularly

The air filter is highly efficient for low power consumption in using the AC. This device keeps the dust from the air conditioner that allows running the system smoothly. It bloc the dust, and then it lets the air clean inside the air conditioners. After that, the air becomes cool. But in day-to-day usage, the filters get clogged with dust and dirt. 

It becomes difficult for AC to work harder, which leads to high electricity consumption. So you need to clean the filters of the air conditioner that help the AC to run smoothly. If the air filter becomes old, you need to exchange it as soon as possible.  

Window or Split AC, which one should we use?

To date, people really think about whether it is the best choice to purchase split AC or a window AC. It entirely depends on the requirement of your house. But nowadays, most of us prefer split AC due to its modern design and less energy consumption. However, many other factors help us decide which AC is best to use. 

There are numerous local and multinational branded air conditioners are available in the Kolkata market. A few popular brands are Samsung, Daikin, Blue Star, Hitachi, Carrier AC etc. 

While the younger generation is bending towards online purchase, still many prefer to purchase offline as there are a number of home appliances retail stores in every corner of Kolkata.

Power Consumption

The branded AC comes with a star rating that depends on the power consumption. A higher star rating means the AC is really efficient. If you purchase the A 5 rating AC, you have purchased the air conditioner that consumes less energy. 

If you want to purchase an AC for any small room and normal usage, then three stars 1.5-ton windows AC is perfect for you. But if you need to purchase the air conditioner for a bigger space that is supposed to work for more than 15 hours daily, then five stars split AC can help you save more energy. 

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Before deciding to purchase, you should remember that slip AC always costs almost double than any window AC. For instance, the price of 1–1.5 ton split AC usually comes with between 20000–25700INR; simultaneously, a window AC will cost 18000–29000INR. You have to purchase window AC for any small room without any extra installation charges. But for bigger space like living or drawing room, you have to buy the split AC.


Split AC has very attractive in design, and it comes with various gorgeous colors that can change the looks of your entire room. On the other hand, Window ACs come in one color, most probably white.

Installing and serving the split AC needs a professional hand and you need to pay extra installation charges. Having the apartment, it is the best idea to go with split AC and not portable. 

On the other hand, Window AC is easier to install, and you need not pay any extra charges. Additionally, these are portable, making the device easy to move to any other place in the room.


Window AC is such a device that it is considered a low-maintenance electronic good in terms of service. All components of this device are really compact in design. On the other hand, Split AC needs an expert and professional hand to service in terms of service. While it comes to troubleshooting, the Split air conditioner needs critical way than any window AC. 


If you think about the noise, split ACs usually produce very little or no noise, whereas window ACs generate a lot of noise. 

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