10 Recruitment Tools One Should Use While Recruiting

recruitment tools

When an organization wants to expand its business, The most important thing is recruiting. In the era of automation, we also need some tools that can decrease the burden of the HR department, and here comes the role of Recruitment tools. The main objective of these tools is that they can automate our process which includes ads, data filling, ranking resumes based on qualifications, and a lot more.

recruitment tools

Before discussing tools, let’s discuss the types of tools that are mainly used for recruiting.

Job boards:

These are tools that are being used to show the vacancies of a particular organization. Job boards carry details such as the name of the organization, role of recruiter, pay, and position. Example of job boards includes LinkedIn, Internshala, etc.

Assessment Tests:

These are the pre-tests that are used to test basic abilities such as Sample tests, Writing skills, and job knowledge tests. Examples of assessment tests include codility(for testing coding capabilities), English quiz(for testing grasp over English).

Automation And AI:

These tools are mostly preferred because they can automatically shortlist applications, Analyse data of candidates, and provides features such as bots for virtual chatting.

Applicant Tracking System:

ATS software are used to keep track of the whole recruiting process from collecting data to sending appointment letter. Examples of Applicant Tracking System include Zoho recruit, Talent Recruit. 

Virtual Interviews:

As the situation of COVID got worse we saw a high jump in need of interviewing candidates online and these tools can help us to evaluate the whole process using computer and internet connections. Examples of Virtual interviews include Harver, SparkHire, XOR.

Now, let’s discuss some tools that can be helpful to boost our recruitment process.


What makes harver so special? The answer is they do have their expertise in volume hiring. They provide some of the core functionalities such as:

Matching Technologies:

Does your candidate have the qualification and qualities to be a part of your organization? Harver will match the exact candidates that do have the potential to serve as an employee in your company.


From filling-up forms to ‘Hire’, Harver will automate everything without any human intervention with working according to your rules and conditions being fulfilled.

Experience of candidate:

Harver has created their algorithms in such a way that it can we can customize the experience of the candidate according to number meaning if a candidate is only 25, 2 years of experience would be good enough for his age while having an age of 35 and experience of 2 years will be Hell!


When we are hiring in huge numbers, we require business insights and how they will be beneficial to our organization. Harver does exactly that by providing us the highest grade of business intelligence By providing KPI so we can have a goal-oriented approach.


TurboHire is a platform that provides functionalities such as finding candidates, interviewing process, etc. TurboHire is created on KIS(keep it simple) formula with enables simplicity and anyone can use it. TurboHire mainly focuses on Augmented Intelligence and gives us more than 40+ important features which include Resume parsing, Candidate Ranking, Chatbot Assessment, Finding candidates, Automated job recommendations, and so on. It can help in following things

– Form Fill-up for candidate data

– Database management

– Collaboration with stakeholders

– Automated Interview scheduling

– Advance reporting and analysis

– Providing offer letters


keka is one of that software that has received a lot of positive reviews and what makes us put it in 3rd rank. Let’s discuss its main selling points.


There is no such procedure that can fit all hirings so keka provides flexibility to how we want to hire with an easily changeable workflow anytime.


keka provides complete hiring solutions and with ease of cross-platform functionalities by which we can easily track creation and approvals. 

Easy management:

Having simplicity in its core, Anyone can use it and manage all the procedures with ease.


“Delight made easy” suits best to our 4th candidate because their primary focus is an experience of user and client with fewer profit margins. What makes Freshteam really special? Let’s discuss

– Takes less time to hire

– Complete paperless process

– Powerful Automations

– Time tracking

How these facts were beneficial to users?

– 20% Faster Hiring

– 75% time saved on recruitment

-50% reduction in recruitment cost.


What makes oorwin different from others is its specialization in Artificial intelligence and Smart Integration. Let’s see how they makes difference in these 2 aspects.


AI-powered CRM, ATS, HRMS with real-time insights for better decisions

– Industry-leading AI algorithms to find the best candidate according to your needs.

– Intelligent candidate ranking for suggesting better candidates and improving decisions.


oorwin can integrate sales and all processes related to HR with results seamless workflow.

– support of Chrome, Gmail, office 365 for best office integration possible


CEIPAL has been ranked #1 ATS and it offers just more than ATS functionalities such as:

– AI-powered Applicant tracking:

It will deliver automatically high-quality talent to your dashboard and provide great integration with the current workflow.

– Great marketing and advertising:

with a single click we can post our ads to multiple platforms and get maximum exposure to our business.

– Analytics and simplicity:

With AI-powered analytics, we can get a good grasp of candidates’ skills, and having flexibility encourages us to do things in our way such as scheduling with simplicity and managing placements.


Almost everyone who wants to work in a good organization would have a LinkedIn account ready by that we can assume how popular it is and which makes it some of the best recruitment tools available in the market. It makes things extremely simple, The core of LinkedIn is to provide a platform that behaves as social media but has a purpose revolving around workflow.


If you do have a technical firm and want to hire employees then technical skills will be all you need for a developer, tester, and other tech-related jobs. So the question is how you will evaluate their skills? The answer is codility. It is mainly used to test the skills of candidates and also provides functionalities such as Remote Hiring.


It is one of the best HR bots which is used by some of the most reputed brands and can do things such as interviews and can answer almost any asked question


In the end let’s discuss arguably the most used software for hiring is a video platform and MyInterview is not just about video calls but it gives a true sense of candidates using its AI and has received a lot of positive responses. From having a simple and most functional dashboard to personalized meeting you name it and have it.

The conclusion is we do have many tools which do have their pros and cons but which choosing tools, you have to keep in mind one thing that it should fulfill your needs.

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