How To Recover Files From Corrupted SSD

Recover Files From Corrupted SSD

In today’s digital arena, SSD is the most popular storage device used by millions of users to store important data such as photos, videos, audio’s, documents and personal and professional data etc. Due to the speed and reliability of solid state drive, most of the users are moving from hard drive to SSD drive. As a result, users lost their data from SSD that are difficult to recover it. To get rid from this issue, users are looking for a solution to recover files from corrupted SSD drive. Before start the article we will know what is SSD drive. So lets start the article…

What is SSD Drive

SSD stands for Solid State Drive. It exists of solid-state electronic memory chips to read and write data. These are typically Flash memory or DDR RAM chips. It is precisely same as a common hard drive when it comes to the specification, definition of interface, product size, shape, and function usage. SSD can be widely used as a portable hard drive. SSDs are continuously evolving and becoming more prevalent in today’s computing devices.

These Things Makes SSD Drive So Popular

  • Solid State Drive gives faster access time than a hard drive does
  • The SSD access time does not depend on a read or write interface head synchronizing with a data sector on a rotating disk.
  • Solid State Drives are also immune to strong magnetic fields which could sanitize a hard drives.

Reasons Force Users to Execute SSD Data Recovery

Here we have mentioned few common reasons that force to users perform SSD data recovery. It is quite necessary to avoid data loss troubles in SSD drive. Here are the few reasons that you may need to pay attention that are mentioned below:

  • Unintentionally and intentionally deletion or formatting
  • Virus attacking or infection
  • Partition loss on SSD drive
  • System failure
  • Damage or Corrupted Solid State Drive

Method 1. Run CMD to Recover Files from Corrupted SSD

You can recover files from damaged SSD by using manual method by following these simple steps that is mentioned below:

  • Go to start menu and type CMD
  • Then press enter to open Command Prompt
  • Hit Run as administrator and log in as Administrator.
  • Type: chkdsk D: /f /r /x in Command Prompt and click Enter.

Note: D: shall be the drive letter of your corrupted Solid state drive and do remember to replace D: with the right letter.

Prons: Manual method is free

Cons: To performing manual method users have required hard core knowledge about the technology.

Method 2. Recommended Solution to Repair Corrupted SSD Drive

If method first can not access your data in SSD become corrupted. The you will need a trusted software that named as SysTools SSD FIle Recovery Software. Which supports to recover files from corrupted, damaged, and virus infected, deleted, or formatted data from SSD drive. You can install this software any version of Windows by performing these simple steps. SSD recovery tool is the one of the finest tool that successfully restore files from corrupted SSD. It is capable enough to recover unlimited files and folders without showing any error or limitation message. Users just follow these simple steps that I mentioned below section to repair corrupted SSD drive.

  • Download and install the software on the Windows computer
  • Now software provides two method of data recovery you can select Scan instead of Formatted Scan
  • Now you can preview repair corrupted SSD drive data
  • Finally you can save restored data items in your system at desired location

That’s it. When these steps completed, the tool shows a completion message on the screen.

Beneficial Features of the Tool to Repair Corrupted SSD Drive

  • Recovers and saves permanently deleted data files from solid state drive
  • Supports to recovers data from external and internal SSD drive
  • Utility supports to recover corrupted, formatted, and deleted data from dynamic SSD drive
  • Supports formatted SSD recovery from exFAT, FAT (16, 32) and NTFS systems
  • Capable enough to recovering damaged files and folders from GPT & MBR partitions of Solid State Drive.
  • It supports to recover data from all brands of SSD drive

Tips to Recover Files from Corrupted SSD

  • Backup crucial files to another drive or external storage device like pen drive, Usb drive etc.
  • Download and run Norton anti-virus software to scan and remove virus’s from SSD drive
  • Stop using your SSD drive as soon as possible after data loss
  • Apply SysTools SSD Data Recovery Software for the assistance.

Summing UP

In this write up, we have described the manual and professional solution to recover files from corrupted SSD. We highly recommend using the SSD Recovery software to repair corrupted SSD drive data in less time with complete accuracy. This software provides free demo version users can preview their data after that, they can decide to purchase the software.

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