Reasons You May Need an Uber Accident Attorney

uber accident attorneys

When one books a ride on Uber, they don’t typically think or imagine getting involved in an accident. Not just while being inside the cab; if you are traveling by your own vehicle and suddenly an Uber rams into your car or bike and cause heavy damage to property or life at a time. Keep aside the vehicle what if one is just walking on the sideway and suddenly an out-of-control Uber runs over them and they suffer from serious physical damage.

The catch here is Uber doesn’t consider their drivers as their employees. They are brought in as independent contractors which mean the driver can set schedules and trips according to their own convenience. In such a case who will take the liability in a car accident claim? Well, Uber accident attorneys are here to help the victims get a fair share of compensation.

An Uber driver uses a personal vehicle for work. Their private insurance policy will most likely not cover accidents that occur while on the job. Under certain circumstances, drivers may be covered under Uber’s own liability insurance policy. This protection liability is only applicable when the driver is transporting a passenger, or on the way to pick a passenger. Apart from this, the insurance can be claimed depending on the details and circumstances of the accident.

Uber accidents can be complicated from a legal standpoint, especially when there is a third party involved in the accident. When the driver, passenger, or pedestrian is seriously injured it’s difficult to determine who was at fault and who is responsible for paying damages.

3 Reasons One May Need an Uber Accident Attorney:

1) Injury and damage: Different states have different laws regarding accidents, it depends on whether one was driving or not. Any of the parties involved in the accident were under influence of any illegal substance. Were the parties involved breaking the traffic rules or not? The speed of the vehicle is exceeding or not the limit allotted to that particular road. The professional lawyers who have handled many such cases will know from where to get the evidence and witnesses. The insurance company will simply try to settle the matter quickly and for lesser money. Although the financial part may be covered the injuries or damages may affect the way of life and future earnings if there is any serious long-term damage. Not only physical pain; mental anguish, future medical expenses, loss of wages, and salary due to long-term disability.

2) One needs to focus on healing: One has to focus on the healing process rather than running for an insurance claim and lawsuit against the liable party. That is why Uber accident attorney takes over all negotiations with the insurance company and the person responsible. Hiring an experienced lawyer can make all the difference in the outcome of your case. The risk of being unfairly compensated is also less.

3) Attorney can also handle insurance companies: The insurance companies at times try to settle the case with less money and may not cover your needs. By having a legal representative, it will be beneficial to handle all the communication on your behalf and they will work towards securely providing the compensation that one rightly deserves. 

Final Words: 

Professional lawyers provide superior representation backed by substantial financial and technological resources. They are known for taking challenging, complicated cases to trial and winning them.