Videos have become the hallmark of success for every business venture. According to Widow Statistics, more than 63% of businesses have started using video content marketing to promote their products/services. Just in case, if you’re not the one, then you’re lagging behind in acquiring better goals & achieving great deeds. In today’s world, video marketing is on a progressive pathway, and if you’re such a business which is investing in video marketing, you’re going to gain massive return on investments. 

In short, video marketing is one of the newest additions to your promotional toolbox. Are you wondering what are the reasons why you should invest in building a video marketing strategy for your business? Here are six reasons why you should consider making due investments in building a video marketing strategy. 

6 Reasons Why You Should Invest in Video Marketing Strategy

Video Bring More Sales & Conversions 

Videos hold the power to create some serious money for your business. Having a video on your landing page can easily increase conversion up by 80%. According to the Tree podia team, video works regardless what type of business category you are considering to make your investments. Studies indicate that 74% of users who watched an explainer video about a product/service, made up their minds to make a purchase. Whether you like it or not, this is a good enough reason to make investments. 

Videos Can Build Trust & Loyalty 

The very foundation of conversion and sales is trustworthiness. The entire concept of content marketing depends on trust. Brands who are successful in creating long-term relationships are the ones who achieve greater success. With the right videos, you can stop making efforts in selling the products all on your own. Instead, you will allow users to come to you themselves & show their interests. There’s no better way than how Mark Schaefer, the Executive Director of Schaefer Marketing Solution puts it. 

Videos Are Loved By Google Searches 

Another great benefit of using a video on your landing page design is that it keeps the audience on your website page. The greater a person remains on your landing page, higher will be the ranking of your website in Google Search Rankings. Mobley gives remarkable statistics where it indicates that websites having a video embedded are more likely to show up 53 times compared to a website which doesn’t. Google now owns YouTube, and with that, there’s been a significant increase in search engine rankings. 

Videos Appeal to Mobile Users 

Do you know that 90% of the customers watch videos on mobile? YouTube statistics presents that video consumption increases up by 100% with every passing year. Similarly, there are more videos getting published on the YouTube channel yet the number of smartphone users are also growing. As the ecosystem is getting bigger and bigger, more videos are becoming a part of the growing circle. With growing mobile videos, brands are now becoming sensitive to the personal choice of the content which they consume. As a result, brand videos become more appealing to mobile users accordingly. 

Videos Explain Everything in Depth & Detail

Video is a remarkable tool for learning as it allows easy data consumption. With life being busy, we don’t have the time to read long descriptions or go deeper into individual services to understand them better. When you introduce video in your content marketing strategy, it becomes a powerful driving force to attract an audience to your platform. Today, video marketing can capture a greater audience and believe it or not, it works incredibly on so many levels. Especially when you’re the laziest one, it gets you the advantage. Not only is it soothing for eyes, but it also helps you absorb information from ears perfectly. 

Videos Increase Social Shares 

With videos, you can be concise. You can easily capture your viewer’s attention or interest in just a few seconds. Social media holds the power of condensing information down and making it digestible content. After all, you want to create a video which is neither too long nor too short to be digestible by the audience. Social networks also encourage video content with new features. Today, Facebook has launched more than 3600 videos, live videos and life stage. Instagram puts in place more than 60 second videos & Instagram stories. Twitter is using other ways to interact such as using animated videos

So these are some of the noteworthy reasons why you should consider making due investments in a video marketing strategy. For those of you who haven’t considered video marketing as a safe haven yet, now is the best time to do so. Here are the six reasons why you should make investments. 

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