Top 5 Reasons Why Companies Choose AWS as Their Cloud

AWS as Their Cloud

In the twenty-first century, cloud computing has seen a sharp increase. Using Cloud Development Services, businesses all over the world are undergoing a digital transformation. The quick increase in cloud investment across the board serves as evidence of that. The three companies leading this digital revolution are Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform. Through their vast global infrastructure, each offers a wide range of services to businesses all over the world.

What’s AWS?

AWS stands for Amazon Web Services. It is a platform that provides adaptable, dependable, scalable, user-friendly, and reasonably priced cloud computing solutions. AWS is an extensive, user-friendly computing platform provided by Amazon.

The internal infrastructure that Amazon built to manage its online retail operations served as the foundation for the 2002 launch of AWS Development Services. It started providing the IaaS services that make it unique in 2006. AWS projected itself as the undisputed leader in the cloud industry by January 2021, when it already held 40% of the market for cloud services. The market leader meets the digital needs of large corporations and SMBs by offering more than 70  Cloud Development Services. Some of the notable 5 services provided by AWS:

  • EC2 – Elastic Compute Cloud
  • DynamoDB – NoSQL Key-Value Database
  • S3 – Simple Storage Service
  • Aurora – Relational Database Services
  • Lambda – Serverless Computing
  • Lightsail – Virtual Private Server

Big multinational brands like Samsung, Reddit, Netflix, Dropbox, Adobe, Kelloggs, Nokia, etc., use AWS Development Services as the top provider of cloud services in the world today. Over 240 countries and territories are served by Amazon, whose servers are spread across 76 availability zones. Let’s now examine the advantages of AWS that make it the deciding factor and top priority in the Cloud Development Services sector.

Advantages of AWS –

Numerous cloud computing platforms, including Google Cloud, Digital Ocean, Heroku, and many others, are widely available on the internet. AWS has created a niche for itself in the market, though, for several reasons. Here are 5 notable reasons why companies choose AWS over other Cloud Development Services:

  1. Security –

AWS offers high security as one of the best cloud platforms to protect your virtual business. Additionally, the cloud service provider’s servers and data centres have multiple levels of operational security. Because of increased transparency, businesses can evaluate their infrastructure and monitor security flaws. AWS has created a top-notch, incredibly secure framework that is both physically and virtually impenetrable. Some of the safety-related features from the AWS site are listed below:

  • The advantages of Identity and Access Management (IAM) and CloudTrail can help you keep track of all the tasks completed by various clients.
  • You can maintain flexibility even in the majority of failure modes, such as system non-fulfilment or natural disasters, thanks to different geographic regions and availability zones.
  • Access is carefully approved based on the principle of least privilege in server centres that are manned 24 hours a day by a trained security team.
  • The ability to create built-in firewall rules that range from completely open to completely private, or in some cases, somewhere in between, to control access to events.

The use of the AWS Development Services by companies like HealthCare.Gov, NASDAQ, and Dow Jones is proof of how dependable and secure AWS is as a cloud service.

  • Adaptability –

AWS has every resource you need to improve your IT infrastructure, whether you’re moving into the cloud for the first time or switching from another cloud service platform. Their business model makes it easy to scale assets up or down, so your company won’t have to worry when the volume is a problem or when needs are constantly changing. You don’t need to conduct any wild speculations or expensive scientific research to identify the specifications of your framework.

Using auto-scaling, you can create a self-monitoring framework that is adjusted by the actual need based on the traffic/assets employed. With Amazon Machine Images (AMIs), you can create copies in numerous locations for different scenarios in just a few minutes, eliminating the need to repeat the setup procedures each time.

  • Cost-efficient –

Large amounts of storage are always sought after by businesses. However, to obtain a substantial amount of storage space when storing the data in the cloud, they must sign an expensive contract. Since many Cloud Development Services charge steep up-front licensing fees, the company may occasionally not need the entire space. As opposed to this, AWS scales its prices according to how much space is used by businesses. Additionally, AWS’s migration service is reasonably priced, which encourages businesses to move their existing structures to AWS without incident.

For instance, Nokia Corporation switched from the Xpress Internet Services platform to AWS Development Services. Query execution is now twice as quick as it was previously. Furthermore, it uses business intelligence tools to conduct the mining and analysis of Big data while also managing to save 50% of the cost.

  • User-friendly –

AWS is easy to use because it was designed for quick and secure access. The data belongs entirely to the users, who are free to change it whenever and wherever they please. To assist users in becoming familiar with all of AWS Development Services, it offers all the necessary data, documentation, and video tutorials.

They also provide a set of web services APIs that are well documented and enable the users to access their accounts. By doing this, they help remove unnecessary hassles like having to deploy programs or software yourself.

  • Quality Control –

Poor quality and inconsistent reporting are among the factors that have the most negative impact on a company’s growth. In a cloud-based system powered by AWS Development Services, all documents are stored in one location and in a single format. Users can maintain data consistency, prevent human error, and have a clear record of edits or updates when everyone has access to the same information. On the other hand, siloed information management can lead to employees accidentally saving various versions of the same document, which can lead to confusion and muddled data.

Closing Thoughts

At the moment, AWS has established itself as the leading Cloud Development Service. Numerous well-known businesses, such as LinkedIn, Netflix, etc., as well as many government agencies, rely on AWS for their cloud computing requirements. The fact that Amazon has consistently attempted to meet customer expectations is another factor in its popularity.