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Children are sent to school to learn new things, get educated, and get an exposure to academics and other areas of life, including interpersonal skills. There are different kinds of schools, and one such school is known as a boarding school. A boarding school is a facility for students to study as well as experience life on site at the campus. Boarding schools offer residential accommodation and have hostels, wherein students can stay away from home, while receiving their education. Whereas at regular schools, students attend their classes and return home, they have no fixed study plan or discipline at home. However, strict rules and regulations govern boarding school students who are constantly under the vigilant eyes of teachers, which is comforting to parents.

Merits Of Boarding Schools 

There are many advantages to studying in the list of boarding schools in Dehradun that bear fruit in a lasting way. From a bird’s eye perspective, one will recognize that several successful members of society began their journeys at private schools, including erstwhile presidents, actors, athletes, successful business people, and other politicians.

However, the success of boarding schools is mainly due to a wide range of activities, programs, and challenges available to students as part of everyday existence. The quintessential boarding school student wants to rise to the occasion and avail of this enormous opportunity that has been made available to him/her. He/she has the chance to live in a community where learning, self-actualization, self-fulfillment, inquiry, and discovery are the overriding concern. There is a wide range of activities, and it is a place to build friendships, and one where success is celebrated.

Learning Experience:

One of the reasons to attend boarding schools is that one learns to be self-reliant and can stand on one’s own two feet, which is the greatest gift one’s parents can give their children, with an education in a boarding school being the absolute antidote. Children will be expected to wake up early in the morning and do their laundry, and parents aren’t there to safeguard them. A boarding school is an excellent place to learn- a place to fail and succeed, and it is also a place of monitored freedom. 

The students are shaped to succeed and are provided the ability to manage their own lives, become strong individuals capable of leadership, and learn the importance of self-initiative. When the current state of our culture makes it difficult for parents to develop those traits in themselves, there is the need for a private school where these character traits are given utmost priority and nurtured. 

Students have to develop the ability to manage their affairs and the ability to handle other people. They are challenged to develop their interpersonal skills as there is nowhere to hide in a boarding school. A day scholar is dropped off by his mother in the morning and picked up at three o’ clock in the evening. He doesn’t have the same peer skills as a child who lives with other students 24 hours a day on campus. Boarding school is a transformative and life-changing experience wherein one learns the ability to communicate with others, which many people don’t master until they reach college.

Spirit Of Solidarity, Character Development and Personal Evolution

In a survey conducted by the Association of Boarding schools, it was found that 31% of boarding schools students said that the thing they loved most about boarding school was the community spirit created within the school dynamic. While academics are essential, students, when they were together after having graduated and moved to university and have a successful career, it’s not the history classes that they found particularly memorable, but their time spent in the wilderness, the dorm life, and other memorable moments. It’s a bond between men and women, boys and girls of different ages and cultures. Boarding school allows one to learn about different cultures and travels. So, one need not wait until university to experience dorm life when one can experience it at high school. 


Other advantages of boarding schools are the opportunity to foster intense connections with their teachers, which is more significant owing to the smaller, more standard class sizes. Teachers become essential role models for their children, their outlook towards their job being more than a job but more of a vocation. Teachers work with students, share meals, and often live on campus, making it difficult to replicate this kind of environment anywhere else. 


While the educational experience at the boarding school is essential to personal and academic growth and development, it is the precursor to the life ahead. According to research, boarding school students feel more prepared for college and university than their peers. They are more likely to earn advanced degrees like a master’s or Ph.D. and advance to more meaningful and prominent roles in their career and society.

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