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Accounting is a stable industry here’s how I see it I like to picture the economy as an ocean spy sweeping over a rocky beach there are high tides and low tides booms and busts blowing in and out over the rocks on the shoreline tides are temporary they’re constantly changing over time but the rocks are permanent they don’t budge they stoically hold their position and observe the waves blowing around them if the tides of an ocean represent the economy then the rocks are accountants because businesses will always need accountants for every reporter disturbs an ocean surface every time a financial transaction takes place businesses to need accountants to record process and summarize these transactions into financial reports the need for accountants is constant no matter whether we’re in a boom or a recession accountant of rocks okay.


 Accounting will teach you to become financially literate financial literacy is the process of educating yourself to be able to manage your money personal finances and investments efficiently and effectively I’ve mentioned this before and I’d bring up the meaning of all of the different financial terms the sooner that you can understand all of these the better I wish that I’d become financially literate ages ago like when I was 16 or something because if I had then my finances were being a much better shade today thankfully though accounting taught me to become financially literate and it can help you to if you’d like to learn more I’ve made a whole playlist covering accounting basics that you can find up here and I keep adding to it each week so don’t forget to hit the subscribe button and ring the bell to be notified when the next one’s out Right.


I’ve been debating whether to include this one or not because I’m sure that some of you are going to disagree with me but anyway accounting is interesting see I didn’t even blink when I said that hold up before you get stuck him in the comments let me explain accounting gets a bad rep from a lot of people for being a boring profession but the way I see it all comes down to a mindset and how you approach your work you have two options option one rinse and repeat in accounting repetitive monthly deadlines are common and accountants are often put in a situation where we can take last month’s workbook wipe it clean and roll it forwards into the current month again and again rinse and repeat this approach to make life easy because in the short term its efficient your glide through your to-do list as quickly as possible but once you’ve repeated this process over and over it becomes monotonous and boring work doesn’t motivate you anymore it’s become a grind option to is where you go the extra mile challenge yourself to work beyond your managers and your own expectations and by that I don’t mean it’s sitting in your desk working late while everyone else in your team has gone home I mean working with intention so when your next base with a task that you’ve done a gazillion me wrong in the short term this approach is hard work and it can be time-consuming but in the long run that’s when it’ll reap the benefits because if you invest your time and effort now to make a process quicker in the future then work will start to feel a lot more rewarding and hopefully your boss will notice your efforts too it will separate you from the crowd and earn you recognition and perhaps a promotion that’d be nice if it doesn’t if you’ve gone through all of this effort and your boss doesn’t even notice or care then quit or at least examine your options we work in one of the most stable industries in the world which brings me on to.


Accounting as an industry offers us a wealth of opportunities and flexibility there are so many different branches of accounting that you can pick from to match the lifestyle that you want to live if you’re looking to climb the ladder as quickly as possible then consider working in audit but if you prefer working the 95 and a role with a bit less stress then an option is to work in private accounting and a non-listing company but doesn’t have all of those extra compliance requirements after a few years building some experience you could choose to work for yourself go it alone and create your own private practice lots of people do this it’s hard work but if you manage to build a profitable business then this will be a rewarding journey working in accounting will open doors for you and teach you valuable transferable skills you can make.


My personal favorites him bear with me because this might sound counterintuitive you can use accounting as a stable platform that enables you to take risks what do I mean by that here’s my logic many people myself included are drawn to accounting because of the stability that it offers accountants of rocks after all as a career it offers job security and that prospect can be very enticing perhaps too enticing because playing things safe can become a habit which is fine everyone’s entitled to make their own choices but personally I feel that I’ve learned the most from some of the riskier decisions in my like five years ago I left my safe job at the big four in London to move to Australia it was a new country I had no work lined up and I didn’t know many people there by my standards it was job found a place to say and then did I’m living there for three years I have a tough time making risky decisions but accounting is my safety net as an industry there’s always demand for it so you can feel confident finding work again if things end up going pear-shaped moving to Canada to start this channel is another risk that I’m dealing with right now whether this was a wise decision remains to be seen time will tell but the experience so far has been incredibly valuable I’ve had the opportunity to chat and meet with so many interesting people through YouTube and I don’t regret this choice one bit so if you’re working in accounting or thinking about it.

By Anurag Rathod

Anurag Rathod, as a blogger he used to spread all about app-based business, startup solution, on-demand business tips and ideas and so on.

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