Reasons behind Climate Change

climate change

The green color is a symbol of life, renewal, and growth. It is the color of spring. It is a symbol of energy. In chromatic therapy green color used to soothing soul and mind, relax mind, control anxiety and nervousness.  It also recharges human energy and maintains emotional balance. Tourist likes to visit hill stations because such areas are generally green. In psychotherapy, the green color helps you to regain energy and make you relax, decorate one room with the green color or even a corner of your home, while sitting in the specific area you will feel relax and enjoy the atmosphere. 

We… the destroyer of nature

It was a time when the earth had enough trees and plants which make the earth natural green. As a human, we are the destroyer of nature. Our favorite hobby is war. Modern weapon destroyed the earth and still, we are crazy for war. Advancement of technology also destroyed the natural green system of the earth. We are intellectuals, study a lot, research a lot. We have developed everything. Development of everything killed nature.

Advancement facilitates us on one side and on the other side this killed trees and plants. Poisonous material which urinates by the industry is killer of nature. Being human and being intellectual we did not care for nature; we care for ourselves. We made the world full of facilities for ourselves. Needs and requirements are the reason for advancement in the industry, it is our laziness or love for laziness which push us to develop such fast and furious things. 

Functions of trees and plants

Everything on the earth has its own function or task to perform; same is with trees and plants. They provide us oxygen, food, a cure for diseases and much more. Even provide us shelter from sunlight. Trees protect our soil, improve the quality of oxygen, provide organic medicine even we use their essence for medicine. We used wooden houses to live, furniture for our routine uses, tools and numberless benefits which we obtain from trees and plants. They play a vital role in our lives. 

Destruction of natural green structure change the climate of the world and increased the temperature of the soil. According to scientists, the temperature of the soil will increase by more than 15% until 2100. It is more than the forecast of scientists. Reasons are excessive use of wood, the advancement of the industry, modern weapons which used during wars in the last decades, and lack of plantation. Greenhouses required for our survival. If this will go as forecast than soon, we will face water shortfall, increased temperature, deprivation of food because of the shortfall of water and suffocation of oxygen.  This is a critical issue if we did not care for our soil; it will burn us down with temperature and will not be able to live someday. 

Some researches on soil

According to scientists, soil temperature could increase by 0.5 Celsius (0.9 Fahrenheit). This may case powerful storms, heat waves, and droughts. The immediate solution of this burning issue is to put an emergency for greenhouses. According to the current scenario, the world is at the edge and on high risk. According to the scientists of Princeton University, if we did not reduce the consumption of coal, oil and natural gas at a safer level, get ready for a bouncer. we should reduce the use of coal, oil and natural gas at a lower level to save the soil. Regrettably, we made all these an essential element of our daily life.

We must decide either we would live on the earth or not.  If we have the desire for survival than must reduce the use of killing elements like coal, oil and natural gas and increase the greenhouses. This will help us out to purify oxygen, improve the quality of water protect soil, maintain seasonal changes, save water and much more. 

The world is our place and we should protect the atmosphere of the world. It is our home. our duty is to protect our home. One of my instructors said during a training session, “the theory of peace is, uniformed guys must sacrifice their lives”, the theory of protection of the earth is, every single one must sacrifice his facilities and would care for the natural green system.

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