Harsh Realities Of Modern Dating

Modern Dating

Modern datingproblems are all about heightened expectations. Love is complicated and the millennials are hard to please these days. People often fail to forge a strong relationship because modern dating coupled with technological advancements have spoiled them for choices.

So, people often have this bubble of expectations they seek from a partner and often end up searching for the right one as per their set of criteria. So, instead of looking at things to love about a person, most people opt for the “right one.”. However, the beauty of finding love is to feel the surprise of every new thing you get to know that brings you both close.

In modern dating, there are some harsh realities that you ought to look out for to make sure that you retain the excitement of dating:

No One Talks About Their Problems

One of the harsh realities of modern dating is the need to deem perfect. However, we forget how the virtues and vice should balance.

If your lover does not share their issues but projects it in their behavior, it is best to confront them about it. While some might build their trust in sharing their issues, others will refrain from doing so. It is the latter crowd that is best stayed away from, for your own mental peace.

There Can Be Excessive Lying

Make sure to never be at the receiving end of a lie, or do it yourself. It is toxic behavior that can break a bond. Every relationship is a deep friendship. Hence, to betray that trust is not a nice trait in dating.

Instead, try and be clear to each other as much as possible. Doing so can help maintain the intimacy between the two and help both communicate.

People Cannot Accept Disappointment

One of the major modern dating problems would be the lack of acceptance in disappointment. At times, you might find it challenging to accept someone’s flaws.

It is best to understand that no one is born perfect. If the flaw is not worthy of a red flag (toxic behaviors), it is then worthy of forgiveness.

Here, you can communicate your irritation over an incident and help them work towards rectifying the behavior for the best. Sometimes, both people in the bond can help each other work on their flaws.

Perfection is Everything

Our imperfections are what make us beautiful inside and out. However, the modern dating lifestyle might make you forget the simplicities being however you are.

If you cannot be yourself, you might not be able to be happy. Hence, it is always best to be as you are because the one who loves you will do so unconditionally at your rawest.

Childhood Traumas Come with a Price

Sometimes, childhood traumas can be a cause of strain in a relationship. While most people  work towards resolving the issues, others might project it on their partner every time they feel threatened or insecure.  This can be draining for the abused and the abuser both in a relationship. While each one of us comes with our baggage it’s not fair for us to dump our insecurities and trauma on our partners.

So, if you are keen on working on your relationship and value your partner, seek therapy and take time to heal. Treat yourself and your partner right.

Modern Dating Problems Require Modern Dating Solutions

Every relationship has a deep-seated issue. However, it is crucial to assess the modern dating problems and understand if your connection needs working upon the dynamics. No relationship comes easy but in the end if you have a partner who is willing to work on the issues everything works out fine

However if issues arise because of toxic traits and manipulations in a relationship then the possible solution is to walk out of the relationship.

ParWhen you chuck away expectations and learn to love unconditionally, it eases the relationship’s panics and helps love each other freely.

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