Real-life Scenarios That Require The Use Of VPN


VPN means virtual private network. The abbreviation is quite apt at describing what it is – a new network that offers you utmost privacy. Are you fully aware of the advantages that come from using such a network? To keep things simple, it allows you to surf the web with increased safety over a private and secure connection. There are tons of more subtle advantages to VPNs that we will dissect below. As a short example, using Bitcoin slot machine with a VPN activated might get you better bonus match deals.

Access Geographically Restricted Content

When you connect to a VPN service, you can select what country’s IP addresses will have been designated to you. Streaming platforms are notorious for having different content available in other countries. This is due to licensing contracts between the show producers, for example, and various countries across the globe. You can use VPN for Netflix and bypass the geo-blocking issues, gaining access to TV series and documentaries that would otherwise be blocked. A VPN can solve all your problems if you watch sports events, like UFC Fight Night or NBA matches.

Online gamers also stand to benefit from using a VPN. There are plenty of online gaming leagues and exclusive events only available to specific servers, like North America or Europe. Maybe the overall skill level in your region is subpar, and you want to test your might against players from a more advanced country.

Increase your safety when using Wi-Fi

Public or even password-protected Wi-Fis can be a breeding ground for malware and trojans. IT experts advise against connecting to public Wi-Fis if your mobile device holds sensitive data. For example, some airport Wi-Fi networks will provide you with a username and password to join, and that doesn’t mean they are any safer. The ones in parks, coffee shops, or rail stations that allow you to connect automatically can be even more problematic. 

All types of Wi-Fi networks presented above have very poor encryption protocols, and skilled hackers can easily snoop around and wreak havoc. Your username and password to essential websites and mailing services will be at risk, not to mention your banking information or data stored on your mobile device. If you use VPN on iPhone, you will be better protected if you have no other option but to connect to public Wi-Fi.

Avoid Bandwidth Limitations

Have you noticed that on some websites, your internet speed seems to be much poorer than average? That’s because your ISP (Internet Service Provider) can impose bandwidth throttling as they please. Your connection will be significantly affected, reducing streaming quality and download speeds. If you use VPN now, you could be circumventing the issues above because your ISP won’t be able to keep track of the websites you visit. The same principle applies to anyone connected to your network – they won’t be able to see what you are browsing on the internet.

Eliminate Internet Censorship

The internet was designed to be accessed by everyone, regardless of religion, location, or political beliefs. The geographically restricted content issues we have discussed above sometimes go way above simple copyright or licensing regulations. Governments in certain countries are notorious for removing access to websites they deem controversial to their political propaganda. Even developed democratic countries have been caught spying on their population through highly complicated algorithms. Use VPN means to circumvent such unfair treatment by placing the users out of the reach of the authorities.

Private VPN Services Outperform the Free Versions

You can use VPN for free and get away with it if you try to watch a movie on Netflix or connect to public Wi-Fi. However, you might run into some issues when trying to circumvent internet censorship or stop monitoring algorithms. Governments have access to the necessary resources to keep track of public VPN networks, so while you might think your connection is anonymous and encrypted, it might not be. Let’s not even discuss that some shady VPN providers have been caught selling user data, which all but defeats their purpose.

Get Amazing Deals When Booking Online

Have you ever looked for a flight or hotel online and noticed that your friend who was trying to book simultaneously had different prices displayed? That’s a widespread occurrence, especially when booking flights. The costs can be cheaper based on the perceived wealth of the location you are trying to book from. You can use VPN at home and choose a location that offers much better prices when booking online. For example, if you are in the US and booking hotel rooms for your trip to Italy – the cost will be higher. Change your IP to Italy, and they might be much lower. 


Unsurprisingly, VPN use by countries has been steadily rising to circumvent censorship and increase privacy. Adding another layer of security to your internet browsing can never be a bad idea, especially related to business. You can use VPN to watch football or to keep your browser history private. When you use VPN the benefits cannot be understated. 

If you have any questions or want to share an interesting VPN experience, you’re welcome to use the comments section and start a discussion. We encourage our users to share their thoughts and make this site a source of valuable information.

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