Ray Mirra was born in June of 1948 in suburban Kitchener, Ontario. Ray Mirra was one of three children of Frank and Rita Mirra. He played for the Oakville Flyers of the Ontario Hockey League from 1952 until he was traded to the Chicago Wolves the following year. He was an apprentice brewer before he played professional hockey, but he is best known for his long and distinguished career as a hockey coach. Ray was also a part of the Canadian Olympic team that won the 1996 medal.

Ray is one of the few former players of the Toronto Maple Leafs who has actually managed to break into the Hall of Fame. He spent all nine seasons in Toronto, playing with a team that has been among the NHL’s best teams the whole time. He is second only to Ted Davidson in assists (behind only John Leighton), and he is tied for the lead in points with Bill Barber. All in all, Ray Mirra is one of the best players in franchise history, and he should be considered just that when you are doing a Hall of Fame honors based on a career in hockey.

Early Career 

Ray’s early career was highlighted at the start of his career by the Toronto Maple Leafs where Ray Mirra served as the team’s defensemen for two decades. But it was really his stint as an assistant coach with the Colorado River Flyers that really defined him as a player. After that, Ray spent two more years as an assistant with the Ottawa Senators and then became the head coach of the Las Vegas Golden Knights for two and a half seasons. While he had not been involved in hockey management during his time with the Leafs, he had certainly become part of the team’s core regardless of his role.


Ray Mirra is one of those players that is able to excel in virtually any sport that he is involved in. Born in Southern Canada, he played most of his first six seasons in the OHL with the Oshawa Generals. After two and a half years with the club, Ray moved on to play some football with the Edmonton Oilers before ending up in the NHL with the New York Rangers where he was an essential part of their dynasty that came from the ground up. He was named the NHL player of the month twice and was an All-Star for the first time in his career. For the New York Rangers, Ray added one more trophy to his collection in the fact that he helped them win the Stanley Cup.

Ray Mirra sports career highlight

When Ray Mirra was looking for a career move following that memorable stint in New York, Ray Mirraended up going to play for the Boston Bruins but didn’t end up finding any work there. It was in a small market that he found his true home in though and he ended up playing 14 seasons in the NHL for the Boston Bruins before he decided it was time to move on. But what a move he made and how fortunate for him that he did so. He played parts of four different franchises in his career but he is most well known for his time with the Colorado Rockies where he won the World Series in 1997. The whole story is that a lot of people would have given up on sports if it weren’t for Ray Mirra.


A Ray Mirra sports career highlight reel is just one part of the many memories that you can retrieve from this great career. There are a lot of things that you will be able to enjoy watching as a result of this particular moment in time when he was at his best. So if you have been blessed enough to see this man play, enjoy it because you won’t ever get to see anything like it again. Enjoy his achievements and remember what he has done. You will never see this man involved in the same type of sport again and that’s because he showed us what being a pro is all about.

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