These days, engineering colleges are growing in numbers in India as the prospect of all the streams is increasing exceptionally. It is also becoming hard for the aspirants to find out the best engineering college to seek admission and to pursue a course. They prefer checking the ranking of engineering colleges in MP before seeking further information.

How is an engineering college ranked by the respective authorities? Certain factors are checked by these authorities thoroughly and then a college is ranked based on the standards met. Here is what you need to look for when you are making a list of top engineering colleges to seek admission to.

Factors that decide engineering college ranks

The prime objective of ranking a college is to ensure proper guidance to the aspirants while deciding on choosing an institution to pursue a professional course. Below are the factors that decide the rank of an engineering college.

1.      Infrastructure

The prime focus remains on the infrastructure of an engineering college. This infrastructure includes classrooms, libraries, laboratories, research tools, journals, and publishing, etc. These elements show the level of research done in the college and its impact on the engineering industry.

The infrastructure of a college decides the support an engineering aspirant can get during the curriculum to develop his conceptual foundation and industry-specific skills. As we all know that engineering is the application segment of science. Hence, the courses should be well-supported by top infrastructure for the aspiring candidates.

2.      Faculty

The efficiency of an engineering course is defined by the faculty members handpicked by the college authority. We know that an engineering college affiliated with the respective education board will have to follow a course designed. Hence, the difference can be created by the faculty members teaching various subjects to the aspirants. The private engineering colleges in Gwalior have done a remarkable job by recruiting the top faculty members from different engineering domains to ensure proper knowledge delivery and skill development. Hence, a college’s rank depends on the credibility of the professors too.

3.      Advanced courses

Aspiring engineers often think of choosing a college based on the courses offered in a particular stream. They choose to pursue a postgraduate degree after completing graduation. These advanced courses can only be delivered by a college with a good research infrastructure. The rank of these colleges is higher than the conventional ones. The availability of advanced courses thus ensures a good educational platform for knowledge development. In this aspect, the private engineering colleges in Gwalior are giving good competition to the government institutions.

4.      Placement

The rank of an engineering college can be determined by its level of placement and the recruiters visiting during these drives. Check the placement of these colleges and get a hint of their ranks.


This is how the ranking of engineering colleges in MP is done. These factors decide the level of an engineering college. Aspirants should check their eligibility while choosing these colleges and seek admission for respective engineering courses to pursue.   

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