10 best easy and quick foods you can serve for your next card party

foods for card party


One of the most important aspects of event planning is food. You do not want to look cheap, but neither do you want to overdo it. While that may be a tough cookie to crack, there are many unique dishes you can make whilst spend minimal time in the kitchen. 

Someone who can cook has always available a couple of recipes as an emergency backup in case there are sudden party plans or guests arriving. Among the emergency recipes, make sure that most, if not, all of the food are easy and quick to make. 

With that said, let us go into more detail on the 10 best easy and quick foods you can serve for your next card party. Because, like any escape room, quick thinking and a contingency plan are an absolute necessity to escape the wrath of guilt.  

1.      Glazed meatballs: 

When you think of cheap, efficient, and quick, you think of meatballs. You can get frozen meatballs at any local store or mart; all you need apart from that is the sauce that goes with them. It literally should not take you less than 15 minutes to make this glazed delight. 

2.      Tacos: 

What truly is better than some good old tacos? Especially itty-bitty ones. Not only will they be liked by all of your guests, but the fact that some salsa, guacamole, sour cream, and tomatoes are all you need to garnish makes it much better for the person preparing them. 

foods for card party

3.      Snowman cheese: 

Another simple yet efficient party snack would be these delights. All you have to do is cook some mozzarella bites. Once out of the oven, add them to sticks and decorate with food coloring to make a cheesy snowman snack.

4.      Popcorn:  

What you would be making is Cacio e Pepe popcorn. Like the sound of class in that? What’s even better about it is that it literally takes no time to make. Add some popcorn to a stove along with Pecorino Romano cheese, black pepper, and salt. That is it! That is all you have to do to make some gourmet popcorn. 

5.      Parmesan garlic potato wedges: 

Do you want carbs? This is the pinnacle. Whatever seasoning you like, potatoes or parmesan, and a ton of olive oil. This may not be the best for your health, but who cares, it’s party time! The only thing you will need to do is bake. 

6.      Cheesy straws: 

Literally cheese and carbs. Who does not like cheese and carbs? To make, make sure you store puff pastry in the freezer and have cheese. You must have cheese. 

7.       Salad Skewers: 

Salads are a staple in many households because of their nutrient value and easy-to-make recipe; these are no different. Would you like to know how to make them? Take a stick, and add on it fresh basil, a mozzarella ball, and cherry tomato. Literally, that is all. Obviously, drizzle it with some olive oil or even vinegar for texture. 

8.      Bites: 

This is by far the most flexible dish you will find because of its incredible plethora of ways to make, just like covid. The skeleton, or base, for these, would be brie and solid puff pastry. Some popular ingredient combinations that go well with them are; fruits and nuts or cranberry sauce. Literally, anything goes with these; just have a go, amateurs. 

    9.      Sweet potato hummus: 

The best part about this? Apart from the roasting of the sweet potatoes, the rest of the ingredients go into the blender. Easy to make and it will sure to make the guests happy, all while needing to clean as little as possible. Big win. 

10.      Shrimp cocktail: 

The easiest way to make the easiest dish in existence is using store-bought cocktail sauce on some thawed shrimp. You can get it fancy by adding other flavors if you have the time and energy. 


These are the 10 easiest snacks/eatables to make that both taste delicious and give the guests to your card party something to talk about on their way home or in any other place. 

The specialty of these dishes, of course, as mentioned earlier, is their easy-to-make nature. Some of them do not even technically require any cooking skills. As a husband, if your wife is away for some reason, take to these recipes until she heads back. I’m sure you deserve a good compliment for cooking great food too. 

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