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Purchasing or selling a house or property is a protracted process, stuffed with highs and lows. The process is indeed an energizing encounter for anybody. On one end there is this excitement of the property hunt and on the other hand the energy of finalizing the deal. Along with the excitement, the process could be overwhelming. The entire procedure can be easily improved by a great real estate agent who holds a complete command of the job. But with numerous brokerages and operators out there to select from, finding a culminate fit is more of a challenge than we anticipated. Working with the best operator who is experienced and reliable can go a long way in ensuring your property sells at the best price, or that you simply purchase for the most excellent cost within the showcase.

A real estate agent must be able to juggle the numerous parts they are taking on; from being a sales representative to a specialist and indeed an honest advisor. It is vital as a first-time property dealer to require the time to choose a real estate agent that can deal with all of these parts additionally, be there for you amid one of the greatest breakthroughs in your life. Underneath are five qualities to look at while choosing a real estate agent:

A Good Listener:

Clients’ requirements are the foremost important thing amid the method of buying or selling and real estate agent knows this. As a client, you’re the one who ought to be doing most of the talking and making beyond any doubt that your agent understands your specific demands and what you hope to induce from the whole procedure with your agent. However, a great agent must be inquiring about all the questions, educating the client, and support them from the starting instead of doing the opposite. An agent is there to meet your needs and direct you through all processes, so it is critical to discover somebody who will listen to what you need and do anything they can, to the most excellent of their capacities, to assist in making the right deal. For example, if you as a client are looking for a peaceful place with scenic views and a calm environment, yet you don’t want to miss all the modern facilities, your agent must understand your needs and suggest you Park View City or Capital Smart City Islamabad.  In this way, client satisfaction will be maximum.


When you’re offering or buying a property, you need to create beyond any doubt you get a reasonable deal. That’s why it’s significant to discover a real estate agent who knows the property market well and can grant you understanding as to what you ought to be paying or posting your property for. A good real estate agent appreciates and utilizes the things that make a particular community’s lodging showcase and estimating methodology interesting. As a result, this permits a specialist to recognize themselves and your property from the competition. And if it is that you’re looking to purchase a property in a particular zone, you need your real estate agent to know the community just like the back of their hand. They ought to be able to reply to questions concerning schools, eateries, activities, etc. The property you’re buying could be the best need, but the community encompassing the place is fair as vital. For example, if your agent introduces Lahore Smart City to you, he should be able to answer relevant questions about the vicinity. He must know the appropriate facts about the smart city such as location, distance from main commercial areas, etc.

Communication skills:

Communication is the main pointer when it comes to buying a property or home. As either a house dealer or buyer, it can be unpleasant managing with a specialist who isn’t an awesome communicator. The real estate market is time-sensitive, so you require a specialist who will let you know instantly where you stand together with your current buying or offering circumstance so you’ll move on to another property or a different potential buyer. The market is continuously changing and you need a specialist who will keep you educated and mindful at all times during this procedure. Along with communicating the attitude of communication is also vital. The agent must be confident enough in his tone that it gives an impression that he will be able to handle any problem that comes his way. This is only possible when the agent is highly motivated and honest in his work. Thus an agent needs to be excellent in terms of communicating.


A proper real estate agent is an excellent opportunist. He gives extreme attention to details and finds the best opportunity within it. He does not miss any important information or opportunity that can help his client to benefit from. An agent has to spend a tremendous sum of time within the points of interest. Whether he has to compare lodging costs, check on the fine print in conventions, or consider the client’s requirements, the agent has to be contented with every little detail. The small stuff is what makes the huge picture conceivable. Moreover, the agent should have a proper networking channel among the property market to stay updated about the market. This is one of the most important traits one should be looking for in a real estate agent because an opportunist agent will make sure to get you the best deal. For example, if your agent is attentive to details, he will get you a plot in let’s say Smart City because it meets your requirements of living in a modern society with a luxurious lifestyle.

Trust worthy:

It’s difficult to proceed with a real estate agent that you can’t believe. Be watchful of an agent that’s just offering you unrealistic and impractical facts. As a client, it’s important to find an agent who is trustworthy because buying or selling a property is not a small thing, so you can’t let anyone handle your matters on your behalf. Do proper research before assigning your real estate agent and go for trusted companies like Sigma Properties and other popular ones. Research can also help you in finding out if the agent is being completely honest with you or not. Be aware if he only showcases the good part of properties. The market is full of frauds, for example, an agent claims to be a representative of Smart City properties but it has no association with it. In this case, you must look into Capital Smart city’s website and see if the information provided by the broker is similar or not.

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