QR Code Menu for Restaurant: How to Create and Its Benefits

why Restaurant needs QR Code Menu


The World is still struggling with the turmoil caused by the Global Coronavirus Outbreak. From Tech Giants to local Restaurants, every Industry met its dire fate because of this lethal virus. Well, now that the Industries are getting back on track, there is a rising need of making Business operations a lot safer for people. While some are still fear-stricken of COVID-19, big Food Joints and even Local Restaurants have taken a leap and started taking Food Orders from QR Code Menu.

This switch to Contactless Food Menu was the need of the hour, and soon enough CDC came up with its Guidelines stating to eschew Reusable Menu Cards. The Physical Menus are the potential carriers of the Virus as its surface can remain infected for more than 24 hours if not sanitized regularly!

And if you’re a Restaurant Business, then, none can emphasize enough the urgency of creating a QR Code restaurant menu!


It is an Online Menu that appears on the Smartphone Screen when the diner scans the Quick Response (QR) Code. The Code has to be scanned with a QR Code Scanner like Google Lens. A Clickable Link then appears on the screen, tapping on which the diner can access the Digital Menu and place the Food Order at the Restaurant.

This Contactless System has reduced or rather put a pause to the close contact order placing practice!


Although Physical Menus are still the more convenient, yet digital menus ensure that you’re prevented from contracting the baleful Coronavirus. Well, enlisted below are a good few reasons why Restaurant needs QR Code Menu, as soon as possible!

Reduce the Cost of Designing and Printing Menus over and over again

Printing Menus is expensive. Even if the Restaurant gets a bulk of them printed, it can lead to truckloads of wastage of Material and Money even if there’s a slight change in Menu. Plus, some may find Designing New Menu Cards exhilarating, which will only add to the overall cost.

Digital Menu Boards are also an attractive alternative to Traditional Cardboard or Thick Paper Menus. However, the cost of installing them can be humongous as compared to the Simple, Easy-to-Use, Contactless, and User-Friendly QR Code menu for restaurants.

Organize all your Menus in One Place

Restaurants can have multiple Digital Menus organized in a single place. Thus, depending on their different menus for Beverages, Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Holiday Special Meals, etc., QR Codes can be set up! This saves you from all the hassles of changing the Physical Menus every time.

Avoid Stained Paper Menu

A Paper Menu gets easily stained. Diners touch, flip, and slide them with messy hands that simply lead to an added cost of Reprinting the Menu Cards. However, people are still conscious about using Physical Menus. Thus, now is the best time to ditch Paper Menus! Set up your own QR Code Menu and steer clear of messy and greasy Menu Cards!


  1. Choose a Reliable Source to generate your Restaurant’s QR Code Digital Menu. While picking the QR Code Generator make sure that it creates the Code within Minutes and produces a Standard Sized, printable Code.
  2. Select the File Format of your QR Menu from PDF and JPEG.
  3. Select what kind of content you want your Customers to see on the Landing Page once they scan the QR Code.
  4. You can also choose which contact detail of the person scanning the code you want to save, say, their Email Address!
  5. A few QR Code Generators also give you the flexibility of customizing the Code. Restaurants can customize the design to match with their Brand! Do you want the QR Code to look like your Brand’s Logo or match the Website’s Design Scheme? Well, get the QR Codes altered according to your Preference.
  6. One of the concluding Steps in generating QR Code Restaurant Menu is Testing them. Try more than one QR Scanner to scan the Code and ensure that they read it correctly. You can begin your Testing with one of the Best and Free Tools available, Google Goggles.

Lastly, get your QR Codes Printed! Place them on every Table or Wall for the convenience of your diners to scan them and place their Order Online.

Remember to market your Code properly so that people put them to actual use! Here are a handful of tips that might help you to do that:

  • Display the printed QR Code where people can see them clearly!
  • Optimize the Landing Page where people will be directed once they scan the QR Code menu for restaurants.
  • Don’t forget to include a catchy CTA To promote and encourage people to scan the Code and Order Food from your Restaurant.

Wrapping Up:

No Touch Restaurant Menus are a Modern Way to experience Dining in Restaurants. This Digital Era calls for an up-to-minute Solution. Well, there’s no number-crunching needed to affirm the rising Popularity and demand ofQR Code Menuin Restaurants.

There’s no evident date specifying the End of COVID-19. Thus, Restaurants, no matter their Size, must find the latest and the market trending ways to stay afloat in the distressed Post-Pandemic Economy! Follow strict WHO Issued COVID-19 Safety Guidelines and implement QR Code Digitized Restaurant Menu.