How can you clear PTE Academic in the first attempt?

PTE Academic

Pearson Test of English or PTE Academic is one of the proficient English exams for aspirants looking to migrate to countries like Australia. The English language test consists of four sections that are speaking, writing, reading & listening. The complete test is of three hours with ten minutes optional break.

With the ever-increasing demand for the language test, more and more aspirants are looking to clear the exam in order to fulfil their immigration dream. In this blog, we are going to talk about how you can clear PTE Academic in the first attempt.

Draft Strategy for the exam

Although PTE is an English language test, it does has its set of method and strategies that needs to be implemented. It is very important that you draft a strategy for your preparation. For example, the PTE exam consists of twenty task types. It is very important that you prepare well for each task type as most of the task type involves cross scoring and contributes to other task types as well. Prepare a practice plan along with a strategic plan that you can implement for each of the task types. It is also important that you understand the individual scoring of each task type.

Focus on Speaking section

Although PTE Academic has four sections, it is the speaking section that is considered the toughest by many test aspirants. If you are looking to clear the exam in the first attempt. Try to focus on the pronunciation and oral fluency required for the speaking section. You can get involved in watching Ted talks on a daily basis so as to improve your understanding of the language as well as listen to BBC podcasts. Emphasis on the speaking section is very crucial as the speaking section also contributes to the reading section.

Get in touch with an expert

PTE Academic is a technical English language exam. In case you are not feeling confident or unable to understand a given task type, it is always recommended to get in touch with a PTE coach who can help you understand the pte exam format. A good coach can help you understand your weak areas as well as get you acquainted with the various task types of the exam. These coaches come with versatile experience and have themselves got the desired marks in the exam which can be really helpful in getting you the desired marks in the first attempt.

Clearing the exam is no rocket science, however, it shouldn’t be taken lightly either. You should put your maximum efforts and try to prepare with a high score target in mind. Daily scheduled preparation along with the practice of scored mock test & practice test can help you understand and execute your preparation as per the patterns of the exam. If you are looking to score 79+ in the exam, then you should at least dedicate twenty-four to thirty days for preparation. Before hotel booking online the exam, always attempt a scored mock test to judge your score, and based on that you should book the exam

If you follow the above-mentioned strategies then clearing PTE Academic in the first attempt will be pretty achievable.

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