Here’re The Pros and Cons of Using Custom Designs & Templates

Custom Designs Templates

The first impression is the last impression is one of the most important terms to remember especially for web designers who work on the principle of attracting users with their design with the aim of people viewing their website multiple times. Your web design can easily be judged by people of how professional a company is, does this company hold value enough to ask them for services all remains to be unanswered. So a good web design makes sure that their website stands out from the rest and adds some uniqueness in it aiming that as soon as someone visits the website they stay on their page without navigating their attention towards others.

There are three factors involved in the process of making a good web design which includes the structure, layout, and functionality of the website. By proper structure meaning making sure that users can navigate throughout the website easily, this includes defining buttons and labels in a manner suitable for the viewer in context. 

Secondly, Layout of the website where each element placed at the proper position, not making it too cluttered creating frustration of the user. Thirdly, functionality one of the main aspects to look upon, here the logic of each element need to be rock solid, that the person who clicks a hyperlink is navigated to the correct page. However, to meet these requirements designers have two options at their disposal by the use if either custom designs or already built templates. However, both of them have their pros and cons that are stated as below:

Pros of Using Templates

  • Using already made templates can save a massive amount of time for designers if the business has the same requirements as previously built websites for other businesses.
  • Templates are suitable for businesses that have a budget constraint since everything is pre-built, designers need a very little amount of added work to be done thus lower cost incurred
  • In a competitive market, good designs are being published providing a variety to the clients.
  • A custom website design services provider would have a chance to create conflict between him and the client where the client might not agree with the idea since mindsets differ between each other thus using templates would be a good way to deal with it. 
  • When time is short template can prove to be useful and a lifesaver 

Cons of Using Templates

  • Faces limitations on customization options, unable to add more features, it is what it is.
  • Increased competition meaning your design template has a high chance of being used somewhere else 
  • There can be an effect of search engine optimization performance where some design templates can tend to be less responsive than other websites, where elements might seem to be cluttered. Most search engines place less responsive sites in the lowest priority so the chances of them appearing in search results would be less than a custom website design services provider. 

Pros of Using Custom-Built Design

  • As the name suggests the custom building of a website offers more control to the user tailored to his liking. The building of a unique design can make it quite distinctive from others putting designers ahead of others.
  • Unique code lines written when building custom design make it less vulnerable towards attacks from black hat hackers, where security is one of the prime concerns in today’s time.
  • New technologies can be amalgamated as the business grows, where bin the future the site will not only be required to work on a single platform or device but across cross platforms.
  • A customized website works exactly the way how the company wants

Cons of Using Custom-Built Design

  • Takes a longer amount of time to build the design and that time is money 
  • Are expensive to build than custom templates where each element is coded by hand in its uniqueness, where custom website design services provider keep a good price tag when offering these services

Concluding, well it all comes down to 2 factors that are time and cost. For startup companies’ templates seem like a good temporary solution towards working on their website whereas Multinational companies, due to the good number of people working there can take advantage of custom made templates and offer services to others accordingly.

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