Major Pros and Cons of Beard Hair Transplant

Beard Hair Transplant

The face of masculinity keeps changing. A man’s beard makes him appear more masculine, wise, and strong than his beardless friends. That may not be scientifically correct, but it’s a great confidence booster. That’s why many men will seek beard transplant services at Beverly Hills hair restoration.

Beard transplant is cosmetic surgery. No insurance will cover the cost. Thus, your budget is one of the considerations you need to check. But still, your need for a fuller and neat transplant may overweigh the cost of the process. 

Besides the cost, you need to know a few things about the transplant. What are the benefits and risks involved? The kind of information you get will aid you in making the decision. Here, you will learn about the major pros and cons of Beard transplant. Stay tuned. 

What is Beard Transplant

Beard transplant is the process of relocating hair follicles from other parts of the body to the beard area. You will need a beard transplant if you have patchy or spotty beards. Also, you can seek the service if you have no beards. Thus, you need to have sufficient hair for harvesting at the back of your head or under your chin. 

Select a qualified doctor at any Beverly Hills hair restoration. You will reduce the risk margin and increase the rate of success. Also, you will have peace of mind from the confidence you have in the doctor. 

Generally, people assume that only those without a beard or have a patchy beard can seek the transplant. As much as that is usually the case, there are other categories of candidates. For instance, you may start growing your beard at puberty. It thrives so well, but unfortunately, you meet an accident that leaves you with no beards at some parts. Hence, the situation makes you the right candidate for beard transplant.


The advantages of any process are what makes people consider taking the risk. If the benefits outweigh the risks, then the process attracts more clients. It is the same case with a beard transplant.

First, when you visit Beverly Hills hair restoration, you will meet a qualified hair specialist. Thus, they will handle your case with professionalism. There are no two clients that will have the exact type of treatment. The process is designed to meet every patient’s needs at individual levels.

You choose the type and design of beard that you want. It helps in elevating your self-confidence. Also, it helps you look attractive and masculine. You will attract more females and probably win the heart of the lady you admire. 

A Beard transplant gives you a natural-looking result. First, you are your donor, so the hair color will not vary with the beard area’s hairs. Also, the transplant is done at an angle similar to the existing follicles at the beard area. 

The success rate of beard transplants is high. It ranges from 80% to 98%. A qualified specialist at Beverly Hills hair restoration will help push the success rate higher. Also, the recovery time is low. You will take three weeks to recover fully. However, you will witness a change in about three to four months. The results are worth the wait. 

A Beard transplant increases the density of your beard. Besides increasing your confidence and self-esteem. You will also gain respect from other males as they view you as a strong and wise man. Your views at any discussion will attract more acceptance. 

The process of beard transplant is short. It takes around three hours to complete. Thus, even men with busy schedules can squeeze some time for an appointment. Also, the process is painless as it happens under local anesthesia. 

When you think about the cost, you will find it very affordable. It is the most expensive beard restoration to seek. But the cost is one-off since the procedure is permanent. In the end, the overall budget is lower than all other beard restoration methods available in the market. 

Lastly, you can shave and style your beard as people with naturally grown beards do. You are not at risk of dislodging the grafts after they heal. They take the new area as their permanent home. 


Yin and yang exist in all areas of life. It is no different from the services you get at Beverly Hills hair restoration. There are a few downsides that should make you approach the process with care. 

First, you are at risk of nerve and blood vessel damage. Thus, you should avoid quack doctors. The clinic should also observe high hygienic standards- Otherwise, you would be exposing yourself to the risks of infections.

You will suffer a few side effects. It is inevitable to experience some pain after the anesthesia effects fade. So, you need to take some painkillers. Also, you may suffer swelling and redness. You also get to sacrifice hair from other parts of the body. Meaning you will leave the area less dense. 

The transplanted hair sheds after some time. Thus, it prolongs the time you take to see the results of the process. 


Beverly Hills hair restorations offer a men’s confidence booster in the form of beard transplant. Do not shave your beard due to the shame of a patchy look. The services are available to men of all ages. 

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