4 Key Factors to be considered while looking for a Property Deal in Sharjah

Property Deal in Sharjah

One of the most significant investment decisions is finalizing a property deal in Dubai. In fact, there are many who would like to avail this opportunity so they can add such a quality asset to their portfolio. Whether you want to make a small deal like a 2 bedroom flat for sale in Sharjah or you would like to purchase an asset in the city, you’d sale and purchase decision will absolutely be sensible.  

However, to make such a smart property deal there are some of the most crucial factors that need to be considered. As a giant real estate in the city, it is our core responsibility to update you about factors that you need to take into consideration before going to make any deal here. The deal could be related to both sale and purchase of Sharjah waterfront city villas or any other property in the city.

1. Sharjah Location

Sharjah is the 3rd largest and highly densely inhabited city in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) as well its capital, which forms part of the metropolitan area called Dubai-Sharjah-Ajman. This beautiful Emirate is located along the southern coast of the Persian Gulf on the Arabia.

2. Demographic Structure

Sharjah is highly recognized for its diversity because you can find people from various nationalities and different areas around the world living here. Being one of the top leading commercial points, Sharjah really attracts the global professional executives who come here to work. Sharjah is known as well for its highly sophisticated amenities and business centers. Indeed, the world’s renowned multinational firms would like to set up their venues in the city.  The total population of Sharjah is about 1.4 million and around 80% are expats. Majority of the city’s total population is from Asian countries like Pakistan, India, South Asians, and so on.

3. Freehold & Leasehold Areas

Foreigners have the smart opportunity now to purchase property like villas in Sharjah as a new law has been passed by the government. It simply means that expats from any country has the opportunity to take a smart investment decision by investing the Emirate’s real estate market, and in fact Sharjah waterfront city is one of the best options for them. However, foreigners just need to have a residency visa for the UAE to be granted a lease, which has 100 years maximum.

A few years ago in 2014, Sharjah has opened up its attractive market of residential property to direct investments by non-Arab expatriates. If you would like to buy a residential plot in Sharjah, you can purchase it on100-year leasehold. Now, you can really benefit from full ownership in almost all Sharjah localities. So, if you would like to make an investment decision you need to thoroughly look at first the area of your prospect property in terms of its freehold and leasehold status.

4. Investment Reason 

Mind setting is really important before going to make a property deal in Sharjah to clearly define the actual purpose of buying or selling a property. If investment is your aim, then the best approach is to consult a professional real estate agent as the Emirate has many certain locations deemed to be ideal for investment. Areas in the city are characterized with smart rental value, elevated annual capital growth, and many sophisticated facilities and commercial centers are in the surroundings. Similarly, if you need a house to purchase for living purpose, then you should find some convenient locations. You need to check first the convenient locations of the best educational institutes for your children, healthcare organizations, parks and other recreational spaces, and many other facilities. In fact, you can find all these in Sharjah waterfront city villas.

Investment Reason

Bottom Line

Ajmal Makan is the name of trust in the USE real estate market, and we are always here to guide you about investment in Emirates like Sharjah. Ajmal Makan apartments service is one of the great real estate services among others, and you can really benefit from this. This post is also very helpful to you if you really want to sell or purchase properties in Sharjah, and this informative piece will guide you very well! 

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