Check Out The Most Profitable Multiservices Components For Your Gojek Clone KingX Pro 2023


You want to create an on-demand app, but you’re not sure which will work the best. Not to worry!

Consider creating a Super App. The idea is hugely popular because it gives your customers access to a variety of services while they’re on the go. The app has a tonne of features and is packed with the necessary elements and capabilities to impress your users.

Let’s explore this amazing idea of developing Gojek Clone App.

The Need To Digitize Your Business With Gojek Clone App

Reduce wasteful spending

You can reduce numerous expenditures by simply digitize. For example, the system would perform “data entry” without the need for a specific specialist to be recruited because it would do so automatically. Having a well-organized digital platform to handle their tasks, such allocating the delivery driver to the customer, can also allow you to reduce the amount of labor needed.

Increase your reach

With the Gojek Clone, you may significantly increase your reach because geography restrictions are no longer an issue. Using your app, you can assist local customer and service providers in connecting and completing their respective transactions. Take the original Indonesian Gojek app as an illustration.

Enhanced client services

The Gojek-like app incorporates the top and most cutting-edge features and services available. Customers may book multiple services, track them, and other tasks with ease by using the Gojek Clone App, which is equipped with the newest features and services.

Futuristic Components of Gojek Clone KingX Pro 2023

A pre-built on-demand Business solution called Gojek Clone provides more than 101 services in one application. Purchase the GoJek clone app to successfully launch your own on-demand company.

Gojek Clone KingX Pro 2023 is available with 7 paid components offering distinct services to your users, making their day today hassles easy.

Buy, and Sell real estate

Your users will be able to list the real estate they want to sell or their real estate needs. Customers can speak with the owner directly if they want to buy the property.

Users must choose from one of the Free or Premium Plans before they may publish property listings on the app. When people buy the plans, you as the app owner will profit. Also, app users will save money since they won’t have to pay a commission to any real estate agent or broker, plus their advertising will be seen by thousands of prospective buyers.

Buy, Sell and Rent Cars

It will be possible for your users to offer their vehicles for sale or rental. Users can use the Premium plan package or the Free plan to list their cars if they want to post them under a featured category.

When a user purchases a paid plan, the app’s owner will profit. Customers will be able to save a lot of money because they won’t need to provide car agents or brokers commissions. Thousands of potential automobile buyers and renters will also notice their car ads.

Buy, Sell and General Items

The items that your customers wish to sell or rent can list through the component. The buyer will seamlessly connect with the seller for further discussion.

To post listings on the app, users must sign up for one of the paid or free plans made available by the app administrator. As the app administrator, you will benefit when the customer purchases the plan to post the item data on the app. By forgoing the Brokerage that Agents charge, Users will be able to save a lot of money, and Their Ads will be seen by thousands of Users who are interested in Buying or Renting the Things.

Medical services

Our state-of-the-art medical component enables your users to schedule on-demand appointments with their preferred doctors, connect with nearby physiotherapists, nurses, veterinarians, ambulance services, and more while they’re on the road. Also, customers can book an online video consultation from the convenience of their home, business, or anyplace else.

When a service is ordered via this component, the app administrator receives a sizable commission.


Users can publish information about their trip plans, open seats, schedules, and seat costs once they have registered. Users will be able to check the status of their reservations and reserve seats for other users traveling the same route.

Individuals can offer a trip through this peer-to-peer carpooling service. You, the owner of the app, get paid for each seat that is reserved via it. Owners of vehicles are paid per seat.

Explore nearby businesses

The feature of this app is comparable and more contemporary like Yellow Pages. Your users can use this to find nearby companies. For instance, while on a road trip, a user could use the app to look up a particular kind of business. The app’s administrator can decide whether to advertise these businesses for free or at a cost.

Track your family members and employees

When a family member leaves the house, there has always been concern regarding their safe return or where they will be staying. This feature enables real-time tracking of family members on Google Maps for the user.

In a similar manner, businesses may monitor where their employees are at all times. Nevertheless, in order to track, their devices must also have the software installed. They can also turn off the feature when it’s not required.

Wrapping Up

Developing an app like Gojek won’t make you regret a bit. We are living in this ever-changing market dynamics which requires being a step ahead if you want to establish your brand quickly. The Super App provide great many features and services that you can even imagine.

Take Demo of Gojek Clone KingX Pro as many times you want and discuss your requirements with the app representative.