How do professionals detect and repair water leaks underground?

water leaks underground

Have you seen some signs of water pooling in your yard on a dry day? Are your water bills coming high? If yes, then these are the signs of an underground pipe leak. 

Every drop of water is indeed very precious. But unfortunately, around 30-50% of water is lost via ageing infrastructure, which is equal to the lost revenue of the water service supplier. The leading cause of water leakage is through leaks and cracks in-home pipes and their fittings. As you know that the water pipes fitting is underground, that’s why it is very daunting to find the exact location of the leaks until and unless the water reaches the surface and causes many types of damages.

This is the reason the problem of water leakage must be detected and repaired quickly by top water leak repair companies in Orange County or you can get it by professionals as this process needs special equipment or technologies that allow the professionals to determine the exact location and severity of the leakage.

Now the question arises how do professionals detect and repair water leaks underground?

The home plumbing system is made up of a very complex network of pipes that are underground. So, if any of the pipes start leaking, there is a potential disaster on your hands. The best way to overcome this problem is to place your plumbing system in early detection. Save yourself and your family before the water leakage turns into a full-blown bust. 

So, let’s discuss some of the steps taken by professionals of the best water leak damage repair in Orange County to check whether the water pipe is leaking.

Take a look at the water meter.

This is one of the easiest and quickest ways to find if there is any leak in the plumbing system is to pay attention to the water meter by running a test. To do this, these professionals turn off all the electrical appliances and also the water source of the house. 

That means shutting all faucets, avoiding using a dishwasher, turning office maker, etc. Now, wait for some hours without using water in your home. After that, check the water meter whether the needle on the gauge has moved or not. Well, if the meter indicates the water usage of the home has changed despite all the sources being off, then the house has a water leak.


Grab some food colouring

Toilets in every home account for around 30% of the water use, so make sure they are running correctly. For this, add a few drops of food colouring in the toilet tank and then wait for around 10 minutes. However, if that food colouring is in the bowl, you have water leakage that allows water to flow from the tank to the drain without flushing the bowl.

Locating the leak

It is true that in most cases, a water leak is underground, then there are various things they will do to locate the general area of the leak. The reason for the general idea of the leak is that water pipes are underground, and it is next to impossible to find the exact location. 

Now, the first search for sinkholes or areas of the ground in the yard that looks mushy or abnormally damp. Apart from that, they will also check the sprinkler system and outside pipes to know if there is running water or any breaks in the water pipes. 

Moreover, as the professionals are highly experienced and skilled, they also find the underground water leak by paying attention to the odour in the air. If they notice any foul smell, then there is a break in the sewage system.

Besides that, acoustic detection is one of the most common methods of detecting and locating water leaks in the pipes. It is the process or systematic method that uses listening equipment to survey the distribution system to identify water pipe leaks location. 


The professional leak detectors take the help of nitrogen gas to find the location of the water leak. That means underground pipes are charged with nitrogen gas. However, when this pressurized gas finds any type of leak in the water pipe, it comes blowing out, producing a loud hiss. 

Professionals can hear this hiss with the help of amplifiers and headphones. 

Fixing the water leakage

Underground water leaks are indeed very difficult to address as they are under the ground. But professional plumbers of the best water leak damage repair Orange County are highly experienced and skilled in handling this type of job. They have special equipment and tools to find the location of the leak and fix them so that it will not become an issue in future. 

Moreover, they also have infrared cameras and many other additional leak detection tools to discover what they can do without breaking the concrete in the slab. 

Questions to ask from the professional leak detection company

Before you hire any of the companies to repair the underground water leakage, there are various things which you must consider before finalizing them. They are: –

  • Do you offer a guarantee that you will find the water leak?
  • How much do you charge to repair and find the leak?
  • Do you charge on an hourly basis, or do you have a flat-rate payment?
  • Can you do both the work of detecting the leak and repairing the water leak?
  • Are you water damage or mold certified?

The bottom line

The problem of water leakage is becoming widespread these days in every part of the world. There are many reasons for water leakage which you must pay attention to as soon as possible. Otherwise, it can lead to significant structural damages. 

So, whenever you notice any kind of mushy yard, water bills are coming high, check the water meter from time to time, and immediately call the top water leak repair company in Orange County

I hope this post will be helpful for you in making your home safe from various forms of damages. 

Author Bio:- Laura Harnes

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