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preparing for jee

The real key to success is preparations, and it entails for a certain method to be followed.

To get into the coveted IITs, NITs, IIITs, and GFTIs, the first step is to learn how to prepare for JEE Main. A well-planned study schedule is essential for success in any test, notably JEE Main, which is the largest UG engineering exam. The next stage in determining how to prepare for JEE Main 2022 is to create a suitable study plan that includes exam patterns, curriculum, mock tests, practice, and other factors. We are here with an actual plan, not tips and tricks for this extremely important examination. 

Stages of preparation

  • Know the JEE mains syllabus for 2022 quite thoroughly 
  • Understanding the pattern of the exam is crucial for moving further
  • Make a detailed JEE  preparation plan 
  • Research for the best reference books
  • Solve previous year papers and practice mock tests till you are perfectly prepared
  • Make a well thought exam day strategy for JEE mains
  • Most importantly search for the best online coaching for IIT JEE in case not able to join physically. 

Things to know before starting

  • JEE mains will be conducted 4 times: February, March, April, and May
  • The computer-based test is administered by the National Testing Agency.
  • The process of the application is online.
  • NTA will also provide the JEE Main Answer Key following the exam

What topics to study?

To pass JEE Main, students must be proficient in Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics from grades 11 and 12. The NTA creates a curriculum for students to follow. This enables students to understand what to prepare for before learning how to prepare for JEE Main 2021. 

Sorting out the JEE main syllabus

One method is to divide each subject’s themes into classes 11 and 12, allowing for similar study for both board and entrance tests. Second, the topics from the JEE Main curriculum must be classified as simple, difficult, or extremely difficult so that the how to prepare for JEE Main plan may be developed appropriately. 

  • Divide the syllabus into two parts: Class 11 Syllabus and Class 12 Syllabus.
  • Bifurcate the topics into categories of: “Have to learn”, “Not done”, “Weak/strong”, “revise” etc.
  • Examine the weighted subjects and categorize them in the preparation plan properly.
  • With the clear possibility of omicron striking the nation shortlisting the top 10 IIT JEE Online Coaching institutes is probably a good idea in case of a lockdown.

Here are the important topics with their weightage

Examine the weighted subjects and appropriately categorize them in the preparation plan. An examination of the previous 20 years of JEE Main and AIEEE papers reveals the importance of the following areas. The corresponding weightage is provided below. Make sure to include this in your JEE Main preparation strategy. 

JEE Main Physics Topics with Weightage

  • Gravitation-2%
  • Rotational motion-3%
  • Work energy and power-3%
  • Kinetic theory of gases-3%
  • Electromagnetic induction and alternate currents-3%
  • Kinematics-3%
  • Experimental skills-3%
  • Laws of motion-3%
  • Oscillations and waves-3%
  • Atoms and Nuclei-3%
  • Physics and measurements-4%
  • Properties of solids and liquids-5%
  • Magnetic effects of current and magnetism-5%
  • Electromagnetic waves-5%
  • Communication systems-5%
  • Dual nature of matter and radiation-6%
  • Current electricity-8%
  • Thermodynamics-9%
  • Electrostatics-9%
  • Optics-10%
  • Electronic devices-14%

JEE Main Maths Topics with Weightage

  • Binomial theorem and its simple applications-2%
  • Mathematical reasoning-3%
  • Mathematical induction-3%
  • Differential equation-3%
  • Permutation and combination-4%
  • Trigonometry-4%
  • Sets, relations and functions-5%
  • Sequence and series-5%
  • Vector algebra-5%
  • Three dimensional geometry-6%
  • Complex numbers and quadratic equations-7%
  • Matrices and determinants-7%
  • Statics and probability-8%
  •  Integral calculus-9%
  • Limit, continuity, and differentiability-10%
  • Co-ordinate geometry-15%

JEE Main chemistry topics with weightage

  • Surface chemistry-1%
  • An organic compound containing nitrogen-1%
  • s-Block elements alkali and alkaline earth metals-1%
  • General principle and process of isolation of metals-2%
  • Organic compound-2%
  • States of matter-3%
  • Atomic structure-3%
  • Chemical kinetics-3%
  • Classification of elements and periodic table-3%
  • Hydrogen-3%
  • Environment chemistry-3%
  • Purification and characterization of organic compounds-3%
  • Some basic principles of organic chemistry-3%
  • Hydrocarbons-3%
  • Polymers-3%
  • Biomolecules-3%
  • Principles related to practical chemistry-3%
  • Chemical thermodynamics-4%
  • Redox reactions and electrochemistry-4%
  • D- and f- Block elements-4%
  • Co-ordination compounds-4%
  • Chemistry in everyday life-4%
  • Some basic concepts in chemistry-5%
  • Solutions-5%
  • P- block elements-5%
  • Chemical bonding and molecular structure-5%
  • Equilibrium-6%
  • Organic compounds containing oxygen-6%

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