Premature Ovarian Failure- Treatment at IVF Center in Jaipur

Premature Ovarian Failure


Premature Ovarian Failure — also known as Primary Ovarian Insufficiency — develops when the normal functions are disrupted by the ovaries before the age of 40 yrs. In Premature Ovarian Failure, the female hormone estrogen doesn’t get produced in the normal quantities and does not release eggs regularly. Infertility is often the result.

Premature Ovarian Failure differs from Premature Menopause though, both are different. Females suffering with Premature Ovarian Failure might experience occasional or irregular periods for years straight and might even conceive. Females suffering with Premature Menopause do not experience periods and cannot conceive.

Jaipur has recently witnessed a sudden surge in the number of complications in the woman’s fertility.  Premature Ovarian failure is one of the main reasons that might lead to infertility. Across, India the problem of premature ovarian failure is diagnosed and treated through different ways.

In Jaipur the capital city of Rajasthan  Mishka IVF, a renowned IVF clinic uses the best treatment after a thorough diagnosis of the problem. If you are suffering from Premature Ovarian Failure, then visit IVF center in Jaipur for the proper and professional treatment for one of the major causes of infertility. 

We can keep complications developing because of low estrogen levels in women suffering from Premature Ovarian Failure at bay by restoring estrogen levels in women. Before moving further lets get an understanding of  premature ovarian failure, symptoms, causes and treatments. 

Premature Ovarian Failure Diagnosis

Most women experience few symptoms of Premature Ovarian Failure, but your expert may consider the problem only if you have uneven periods or are experiencing trouble in conceiving.  For Premature Ovarian Failure Diagnosis you have to undergo the physical examination, comprising a pelvic examination too. The IVF expert might ask queries regarding your  irregularities in menstrual cycle, sensitivities to treatments like  chemotherapy or radiation therapy, and any ovarian history pertaining.

To have proper diagnose your specialist might suggest one or more tests to check for:


The test looks at an accidental pregnancy if you’re above 18-year-old and missed a period.

Hormone levels

This will confirm the levels of hormones in your blood. This will help to identify follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH), an estrogen and estradiol, and prolactin in the hormone responsible for  breast milk production.

Genetic informalities

This test will read for irregularities in your chromosomes correlated with X syndrome called FMR1.

Symptoms of Premature Ovarian Failure

Signs and symptoms of Premature Ovarian Failure are almost like menopause when there is estrogen deficiency. They include:

Improper or skipped periods, which might be staged for years or build up after a pregnancy or after quitting birth control pills

  • Trouble in conceiving
  • Hot flashes
  • Dry eyes
  • Irritability or difficulty concentrating
  • Heart palpitations
  • Joint stiffness
  • Frequent urinary tract infections
  • Night sweats
  • Vaginal dryness
  • Decreased sexual desire
  • headaches
  • Anxiety or low mood
  • Problems with memory and concentration

When to visit IVF center in Jaipur for Premature Ovarian Failure

If you’ve dodged your cycle for over three months, then it’s time to visit the IVf center near you. Dr  Ruchi Bhandari is the IVF specialist at Mishka IVf center who is professional and has vast experience in handling infertility cases. She will determine the causes of premature Ovarian failure.  I recommend visiting the IVF center near your when

1) You  can miss your period because of the  pregnancy, mental or physical stress, or a change in eating or exercise habits.

2) Whenever your menstrual cycle becomes irregular it is best to get tested.

If not having your chums is not bothering you, then it’s prudent to visit your doctor to identify what’s leading to the changes. Low estrogen levels can weaken your bones and can also increase risk of heart diseases.

Causes  for Premature Ovarian Failure

Premature Ovarian Failure Causes may comprise:

  • Chromosomal defects. They relate some genetic disorders with Premature Ovarian Failure. Mosaic Turner syndrome is one such disorder in which a woman has merely one regular X chromosome and a varied second X chromosome. The other one  or X chromosomes can be fragile and easy to break.
  • Toxins.Toxins induced duringChemotherapy and radiation therapy are also the major cause of ovarian failure. These therapies can damage genetic components in cells. Other contaminants such as cigarette smoke, chemicals, pesticides and viruses might also cause ovarian failure.
  • An immune system against ovarian tissue (autoimmune disease). When your immune system produces antibodies which work against the uterus wall, or against your ovarian tissue. In such conditions the egg which has follicles in it smashes. What provokes the immune system is ambiguous, but exposure to such disease is one risk.
  • Unidentified factors. Some causes of Premature Ovarian Failure are unknown and are referred to as idiopathic. Your IVF experts might suggest further testing to identify the cause.

Premature Ovarian Failure Treatment  At IVF center in Jaipur

Usually the treatment fixates the problems that crop up from estrogen deficiency. The treatment recommended by Dr Ruchi Bhandari the best IVF doctor at Mishka IVF center includes therapy and hormonal supplements that help the patients of premature ovarian failure to regain the normal menstrual cycle and treat female infertility.

The Premature Ovarian failure treatment cost is moderate at Mishka IVF center in Jaipur and is one of the best destinations to treat infertility.

The major treatment prescribed to treat premature ovarian failure is

Estrogen therapy. Estrogen therapy is prescribed to prevent osteoporosis. It also helps to ease hot flashes and other symptoms of estrogen deficiency. The IVF expert will prescribe estrogen with the hormone progesterone. Supplements like progesterone support the walls of your uterus by making them strong and eliminates the side effect (endometrium) from pre-cancerous changes that may be caused  if only estrogen is being intake.

The mix of hormones may establish a regular period cycle  but it won’t revive ovarian function. Depending on your condition and priority, you might choose hormone therapy until around age 50 or 51 “the average age of natural menopause”.

Supplementing Calcium and vitamin D. Both nutrient supplements will help to prevent osteoporosis. We have assumed that the diet taken by women in Jaipur city is not adequate with calcium. Neither there is optimum exposure to sun giving vitamin D.  The IVF specialist prefers one’s density testing before starting the medication. Dr Ruchi Bhandari says that for women between 19 to 50, 1,000 milligrams (mg) of calcium a day through food or supplements is recommended. This should increase to 1,200 mg a day for women older than 51.

The optimal daily dosage of vitamin D is still debatable. According to IVF experts, 600 to 800 IU in a day is prescribed for adults  taken either through food or supplements.

Visit Mishka IVF center in Jaipur for Premature Ovarian Failure Treatment

As we have understood that premature ovarian failure may create the complication in pregnancy. It may also lead to osteoporosis or heart diseases. Such complications may cause depression and anxiety. It is very important to understand the risk and take timely treatment.

Ovarian failure is a cause that leads to infertility, hence it is very important to visit the right place for right treatment. IVF center in Jaipur is the center that deals with infertility in the best way. Mishka IVF is one such IVF center that is centrally located and has been treating infertility with professional staff, experienced and qualified doctors, and state- of- art laboratories.

IVF center is one among the highest ranking centers with some authentic and great customer reviews. I suggest to the readers that if you want to treat your infertility then getting the proper treatment of premature ovarian failure at IVF center in Jaipur can also be one step towards it.

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