It is fast becoming a norm that as soon as a woman is tested positive
for pregnancy, all that is left is for her to relax and start avoid
strenuous activities. This is not a bad idea anyway, but it becomes
bad when she also consider some important exercises to belong to the
group of strenuous activities also. Reason is because the benefits of
these exercises cannot be overlooked. Checkout some of the benefits of
exercises for pregnant women below;

1.      It makes you have a sound sleep.
2.      It makes your muscle stronger thereby preparing you for childbirth.
3.      It makes it easier for you to get back to shape after childbirth.
4.       It enhances your endurance in preparation for childbirth.
5.      It reduces body pains.
6.      It aids the proper functioning of the heart.
7.      It controls your body  weight
8.      It reduces the effect of gestational diabetes.

There so many other benefits of exercise during pregnancy but the fact remains that – doing some little exercises during pregnancy should not be considered a bad idea except you are beginning to feel uncomfortable with it – at this stage, it is advisable you stop. I
believe by now you must have begun to anticipate what kind of exercise would be safe for pregnant women. As you read along you find them here in this article today. Don’t panic yet, the exercises are safe. So let’s get down to some of those exercises that should not be overlooked by pregnant women. Please remember not to overdo any form of exercise during pregnancy to avoid problems.


As easy as it sounds, don’t be surprised to see some
pregnant women that would not want to move an inch except they get a
vehicle to take them to their destination. Well that’s fine and that
could be due to some reasons best known to them. It may be because
vehicles are easily assessable to them or maybe the weather is too
harsh for them to move around without vehicles. Whatever the case
maybe, taking a walk for few minutes during sunset everyday will be of
great benefit by keeping you fit and strong for child birth. It
doesn’t cost you any equipment for walking except for your pairs of


 Aside the fun derived from it, swimming also belong to the
list of exercises that should be done by pregnant women. It is one of
the safest in which the pregnant women don’t even feel the weight of
their baby when doing it. Swimming can help reduce low waist pain and
swelling in the body, it also exercises your muscle at


Dancing as you already know that this requires a
form of body movement which responds to the rhythm of music. Dancing
is known to get your heart pumping thereby aiding the circulation of
blood round the body. This sounds interesting right? This form of
exercise can be perform anywhere – in your sitting room, bed room,
church, party, and any open space as long as the availability of music
is not denied.


For those who are willing to build endurance during
pregnancy, running should not be a big deal. Running for about 30 to
45mins daily should be done because aside from building up your
endurance, it can help you keep fit. Please note that running here, I
don’t mean attempting a marathon race and the likes. All you need is to jog or run slowly for few minutes daily.


There are yoga programs out there meant for pregnant women
which will be of great benefit to you if you participate because yoga
increases the body flexibility, encourages focus, enhances relaxation
and maintains the body shape after child birth. It advisable to get a
well trained yoga teacher rather than trying it out yourself to avoid

Having gone through the above, I believe those exercises are very
possible for pregnant women and you will also agree with me that they
shouldn’t be overlooked. Now let’s get down to some list of exercises
that should be avoided by pregnant women so as to be on a safer side.

Avoid any form of contact sport – sports that involves touching and
holding. They include football, basketball, wrestling, volleyball and
the likes

Avoid sports that may cause you to fall – horse riding, skating, diving, e.t.c

Avoid any form of sport that requires holding your breath.

Avoid straight leg toe touching and complete sit ups.

Avoid sports in hot weather.

No matter the form of exercise you may be doing, it is advisable you
suspend it when you begin to notice the following symptoms below;

1.      When you start having headache
2.      When you start feeling pains in the chest When you start feeling feverish and cold
3.      When you start bleeding in your private part.
4.      When you start difficulties in walking
5.      When you start have fast heartbeat rate
6.      When you start getting short of breath

In summary to the symptoms above, it is best option you stop any form
of exercise and see your medical doctor immediately you notice any
form of abnormalities in your body system.

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