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Search Engine Optimization is an art; simply we can say SEO is a practice of increasing organic traffic toward a specific website according to their interest. SEO is a process which increases the traffic of the website using some tactics and procedures in organic search. SEO has to types of practices, white hat SEO and black hat SEO.

White hat SEO is a process which experiments techniques or procedures according to prescribed standards and guidelines of search engine.

Black hat SEO is against the above explanation as it works exactly opposite of the prescribed standards and guidelines of search engine.

The crawler of any search engine is highly and sophisticated programmed machines which examine the website for indexing, highly educated and skilled programmer developed these machines for indexing websites. If we study the differences between humans and computer machines, two big differences come in my mind, first is, recalling speed and memorizing potential of a computer machine is a hundred time faster than a human and the second is computer never fed up from repetition of the same task. If we will ask a human to perform the same task for a hundred times, the chance of mistake will increase after a certain time because humans fed up with performing the same task repetitively. While the computer performs the same task a hundred times with accuracy as he is performing the first time. A machine which has such qualities is harder to deceive. There are some tips to apply for what hat SEO.

Analyze thoroughly before starting the optimization of the website, study top ranked sites for comparison. Color scheme, website structure, and content and competition percentage.

Color scheme should be appealing and appropriate, menu tab/buttons should be clearly visible and contact info should be at very clear if it is an online shop. 3 – Plan well, select keyword relevant to the topic of the website, Meta tag should be appropriate, the relevancy of the content with keywords and knowledge full, images has a relevant description and alt tag text.

Focus on quality of links not the number of links.

Avoid repetition (the practice of black hat SEO) of anything and focus on     relevancy.

Key to success is Uniqueness.

Last but not least, practicing SEO is continues job, monitor your website      regularly, update it accordingly and analyze traffic with available tools.     Knowledge is power if applied. We are in modern time; Internet made      research easy, acquire knowledge, apply it and improve your skills.

Zafar Hussain.

CEO and co-owner of E-business Desk. A digital marketing, software, and web development company. Blogger, SEO.

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