Popular Indian Wedding Saree Every Bride Should Know

Indian Wedding Saree

For a woman, her wedding would be one of the most important milestones in her life. Do you know, what would be the next most important thing for her? The wedding attire! An Indian wedding saree is one such wedding attire that a bride to be stresses upon more than anything else. Making a choice for the perfect wedding saree can be a tough job, especially when there is a wide range of options available out there.

So, if you are a bride to be and are looking for the best Indan wedding saree options then you definitely should have a look below.

Red Georgette Embroidered Saree

No matter in which part of India you are, red will always remain a personal favorite. There is nothing better than a red georgette embroidered saree which comes with a stunning embroidery. This amazing saree looks great with a free fall that would highlight the beautiful pallu and the embroidery work done on it. 

Beige And Pink Net Embroidered Saree

Do you want to wear a fancy saree on your big day? Try a beige and pink colored saree that is a perfect pick for a modern bride who is looking for a stylish option. This saree takes a different approach from the red color and the traditional approach. This saree also comes with a fancy thread work which can then be matched with embroidery and mirror work to increase the overall appeal of the saree.

Sambalpuri Sarees

A Sambalpuri Saree is a traditional handwoven saree which will give you a break from the heavily designed sarees. Typically produced in the Indian state of Odisha, these sarees use a light fabric and are perfect for those brides who want to dorn a simple and sober look on their wedding day.

Orange Art Silk Saree

Similar to a red saree, an orange saree can also be a great choice for an Indian wedding saree. A heavily embroidered orange saree looks great that quite appealing on a bride. The saree is quite noticeable for its border and the stunning pearl lining on its edge. The overall look of this saree can be enhanced even more by making use of embellishments like resham, zari, and patch border work.

Net Sarees

A net saree looks quite gorgeous on a bride to be. In this type of saree, the yarns are knotted together for the fabric with more open spaces. Due to this, net sarees are quite sheer and demand a lot of care. This saree provides a modern appeal to the bride. Sequins work look attractive with the saree and enhance its overall appeal. So, if you would be able to take care of the saree, then you can go for it.

Summing Up

The above mentioned wedding sarees are a few of the options that you should definitely look at for your big day. Every Indian wedding saree is quite unique in its own way and has its own appeal. So, before making a choice have a look at the material and also on your budget.

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